March 21, 2023 archive

Permits to drill for March 21, 2023

Custer County CAMPBELL #6-6M, January 04 2023 06 14N 15W SENENENE API: 03922610 Lat: 35.72435015999906, Long: -98.82812779850654 CRAWLEY PETROLEUM CORPORATION HH, AM, 17483 ft, MERAMEC(13174) Seminole County MOGA SWD #1, March 21 2023 23 8N 6E SESESWNE API: 13325288 Lat: 35.15251793429851, Long: -96.63942824578616 EOK OPERATING LLC SH, DP, 7000 ft, 2ND WILCOX(4300), MCLISH(4450), ARBUCKLE(5000)

Crude oil and OK energy stocks made gains from 15-month lows

  Tuesday saw a more than 2% gain for crude oil prices and Oklahoma energy stocks recorded strong improvements as the rescue of Credit Suisse eased concerns of a banking crisis that would hurt economic growth and cut fuel demand. Reuters reported actions to bring stability to the banking sector apparently calmed fears about the …

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Judge rules against Shell Energy in 2021 winter storm natural gas lawsuit

  NextEra’s $19 million lawsuit against Shell Energy in a dispute over a failure to provide natural gas during Winter Storm Uri in 2021 lives another day. A federal Judge in Houston has dismissed Shell Energy’s counterclaim, meaning NextEra can press ahead with the lawsuit it filed in 2022. NextEra filed suit claiming it properly …

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Missouri utility flips on ROFR stance

  In a sign that it’s all about money, Missouri’s largest electric utility came out in support of a proposed ROFR bill in the Missouri legislature while just a few years ago, it opposed the same bill in Kansas. The Kansas Reflector reported Ameren Missouri supports legislation giving it the right of first refusal to …

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Corporation Commissioner—“stop the obstruction and cover-up”

  Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony followed up his blistering admonition of the agency for not doing its financial obligations of the 2021 winter storm costs with a letter to Gov. Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma legislature about his concerns. He told the legislature that the “Regulated Utilities Consumer Protection Act” it passed in April …

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ConocoPhillips delays initial Willow project group following lawsuits

    After winning approval from the Biden administration to start its $8 billion Willow oil-drilling project in Alaska’s Arctic circle, ConocoPhillips agreed to stop construction work on the project while lawsuits by conservation groups are heard. The company’s agreement came just days after it won approval for the controversial oil project. The company had …

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New Mexico creates law restricting storage of high-level nuclear waste

  New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan wasted no time in signing a bill into law putting limits on the storage of high-level nuclear waste in her state. However, it might face a legal challenge from the federal government. The new law was in reaction to plans by Holtec International to build a temporary storage location …

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Record petroleum products exported by US in 2022

  The federal government issued a report this week showing the U.S. set a record in 2022 for petroleum product exports. While the Biden administration encouraged more development of green renewable energy power and at the same time targeted the oil and gas industry with new restrictions, the nation exported 7% more petroleum products last …

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Missouri legislator defends ROFR for new transmission lines

  As Oklahoma debates the controversial issue of “right of first refusal” regarding utilities and the construction of new transmission projects, the same kind of debate is going on in Missouri. There, one state representative argues that giving utilities first rights to build the new transmission projects will make sure they are constructed with the …

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Anti-ESG bill wins Oklahoma House support

While President Biden vetoed a bill this week sent to him restricting ESG enforcement of pension systems, the Oklahoma House voted in support of a state bill to continue protections of state pension systems from the same kinds of ESG reviews. Catoosa Rep. Terry O’Donnell authored House Bill 2547 which won House approval on a …

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