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Judge rules against Biden administration over scaled-back Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sales

  The Biden administration’s plan to scale back by millions of acres of the number of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico was stopped in its tracks by a federal judge who ordered the Interior Department to expand the sales. The cut-back in acres was designed, according to the government announcement made …

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Critics fight one of the proposed hydrogen hubs

  While Oklahoma awaits a federal government decision on which proposed “hydrogen hubs” will be chosen to share in nearly $8 billion in startup money, one of the 79 sites that applied has drawn opposition from environmentalists who contend it will only increase electricity prices for consumers and businesses. Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana applied to …

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Vital Energy wraps up bond sales to finance $1.1 billion acquisition in the Permian Basin

  As part of Vital Energy’s recent $1.17 billion in Permian Basin expansion, the Tulsa company announced the completion the sales of $900 million in a variety of senior notes to finance the deals. The first involved the sale of $500 million in 9.750% senior notes due 2030. They allowed Vital to enter into a …

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ONEOK adds new directors following Magellan Midstream merger

  The recent acquisition of Magellan Midstream by ONEOK, Inc. resulted in the creation of a new board of directors. ONEOK announced this week the election of  Lori A. Gobillot and Wayne T. Smith as directors to the board, effective September 25, 2023. The 62-year old Gobillot will join the ONEOK board from the Magellan …

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Alaska Senator repeats his claim of energy favoritism by Interior Secretary

  Alaska U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan repeated his claim that while Interior Secretary Deb Haaland has put a hold on expanded oil and gas drilling in his home state, she has a policy of “drill baby drill” in her home state of New Mexico. In an interview Tuesday on Fox Business News, the Republican Senator …

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Rep. Cole—American energy for American people

  Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole again declared that as a result of President Biden’s misguided and destructive energy policies, the nation is relaying on foreign nations for our energy needs. Writing in his weekly column, the Republican congressman said as a result of moratoriums on new oil, gas and coal leasing and permitting on federal …

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Canadian firm acquires Arkansas land for more lithium plant expansion

  Canada’s Standard Lithium just brought 118 acres in southern Arkansas where it has plans for a $1.3 billion lithium extraction and refinement plant to help supply batteries for electric vehicles. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Standard is one of a handful of companies focusing on development of lithium from the brine that makes up …

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Headlines of other energy stories

** Donald Trump’s on the warpath against his mortal enemy again, and it made a big splash on social media. The former president raged during a campaign speech in South Carolina that “windmills” are driving whales “crazy.” “Windmills are causing whales to die in numbers never seen before. Nobody does anything about that,” he declared. ** Ford Motor Co. …

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US crude oil slipped below $90 a barrel in Monday’s trading

Crude oil prices in the U.S. dropped below $90 a barrel in Monday’s trading after Russia relaxed its fuel ban and investors eyed elevated interest rates that might affect demand. At the same time, Oklahoma energy stocks scored moderate gains on the day. West Texas Intermediate crude, considered the U.S. benchmark, fell 35 cents and …

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Crude oil pipeline sent geyser of oil following construction mishap in OKC

  A construction crew hit a buried 16-inch oil pipeline Monday morning in northwest Oklahoma City sending a geyser of oil spewing into the air. No injuries were reported when the oil spill was created near NW 178th street and Portland Avenue, reported News 9 TV. Click here for News 9