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New Tulsa energy firm buys terminal at Cushing

Tulsa-based Crude oil logistics provider Getka Energy LLC  has closed on the purchase of the former Pacer Energy Terminal located in Cushing, Oklahoma. The 28-acre property houses crude oil storage tanks and several LACT units. The terminal is connected to Enterprise Products’ Cushing Terminal via pipeline. Getka plans to upgrade the terminal to allow for increased throughput …

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Oil industry leader says there’s another side to Oklahoma’s fracking success

As head of the Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance, Mike Cantrell is a big supporter of oil and gas. But he’s also a critic of horizontal drilling and fracking, despite the economic impact they have had on the state. Read his opinion in the Friday edition of The Oklahoman: Fracking: The rest of the story  

Environmentalists contend Kansas energy regulators aren’t following the law

  Kansas energy regulators are being accused of continuing to allow oil and gas drillers to file applications for wastewater injection well permits and not giving the public adequate notice. It’s the claim of the Kansas Sierra Club and others who blame the wastewater wells for causing earthquakes in the Flint Hills of Kansas. The …

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Another earthquake study links wastewater disposal wells

Scientists aren’t finished studying earthquakes and their connection to wastewater disposal wells. A new study in the journal Science reveals how quakes are caused miles away from the wastewater wells in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and California. Now those quakes are also happening along the east coast where there is also drilling and the need to …

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Worker learns the hard way—-read your work contract

Nine Energy, the Houston company with operations in Oklahoma has won a federal court ruling in an arbitration fight in New Mexico Federal court. U.S. District Judge James O. Browning ruled in favor of the firm after it was sued by Ryan Patterson who accused the firm of failing to pay him and other workers …

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Kochs to support 8 GOP House members in tight re-election bids

The billionaire Koch brothers say they’re going to use their energy money to support eight House Republicans in tight races across the country. Since none of those tight races is believed to be in Oklahoma, no U.S. Representatives in the state will be getting their money. In announcing the support, the political network created by …

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Former Enron CEO out of prison

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey K. Skilling is out of prison after serving 8 years in connection with the notorious corporate fraud case in Houston, Texas. He is now 64 and was originally convicted of 12 counts of securities fraud, five counts of making false statements to auditors, one count of insider trading and one count …

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EPA moves ahead with regional haze plan that could affect southern Oklahoma

Efforts of the EPA to override an Obama-era plan to curb haze-forming sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants in Texas could end up affecting the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, Oklahoma. That’s because the Texas haze plan was meant in part to curb the haze that made its way north into southern Oklahoma. …

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Expansion of wastewater disposal service in Permian

In the Permian Basin where water and wastewater disposal are nearly as important as crude oil, Oilfield Water Logistics announced completion of a high capacity pipeline linking more than 200 miles of water pipeline gathering. The firm’s Hat Connection project is across the Northern Delaware Basin in Lea County, New Mexico. At the same time, …

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Slump in Texas oil production affects some Oklahoma energy firms

At least one investment adviser is letting its clients know of the fall in oil production in Texas. Seeking Alpha alerted its followers in recent days how the Texas oil production fell in June from last year for the first time in 16 months. It called it a sign that the lack of pipeline takeaway …

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