March 4, 2023 archive

Electricity deregulation bill dies without a vote in Oklahoma legislature

  Those opposed to proposed electricity deregulation in Oklahoma celebrated the death of a bill in the Oklahoma legislature. “Oklahoma lawmakers recognized that HB 1602, the electric deregulation bill that died in committee Thursday, would dismantle our state’s cost and reliability protections for Oklahoma electricity consumers, who largely oppose restructuring,” said Jeff Cloud, Executive Director …

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Another round in fight against ESG investment begins in Texas

  First Texas enacted a law targeting investment firms that discriminated against oil and gas operations, then Oklahoma followed suit with its Energy Discrimination Elimination Act. Similar efforts followed in West Virginia and Idaho. Now another effort is underway in Texas, this time involved a proposed law to fight against those ESG policies that could …

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Strong gains for crude oil and OK energy stocks on Friday

  Will the strong gains recorded Friday by crude oil prices and Oklahoma energy stocks continue through Monday? It’s the question investors want to know. Crude gained more than $1 a barrel while Oklahoma energy stocks made strong increases with some firms seeing 5% and 6% gains. What drove the gains? Renewed optimism over increased …

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