March 23, 2023 archive

Completion reports for March 23, 2023

GRADY COUNTY Marathon Oil Company Woodford(15255): Oil 14 Gas 8328 Water 117 Flow 24 4N 6W Kem Ranch 0406 2-24-25wxh, May 31, 2022 HH, GAS, TD: 26086 ft Lat: 34.81142, Long: -97.78363 API: 35051248320001 PITTSBURG COUNTY Trinity Operating Usg Llc Woodford(8700): Gas 16359 Water 428 Flow 24 5N 13E Payden 2-24/13/12h, May 05, 2022 HH, GAS, TD: 21485 ft Lat: 34.88558, Long: -95.88804 API: 35121248820000 Trinity …

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Permits to drill for March 23, 2023

Blaine County SHARON #2-32-5MHX, March 23 2023 31 19N 12W NWNENENE API: 01124357 Lat: 36.08596759084403, Long: -98.51392571098108 CRAWLEY PETROLEUM CORPORATION HH, DR, 19200 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(9300) Canadian County WINNINGHAM #1H-5-8-17, March 23 2023 32 12N 10W NESESESE API: 01725937 Lat: 35.46492856581482, Long: -98.2721190574045 CITIZEN ENERGY III LLC MU, DR, 26100 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(14200) Canadian County WINNINGHAM #1H-4-9-16, March 23 …

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Energy secretary’s comments cause crude to fall on Thursday

  After two straight days of 2% gains, crude oil prices on Thursday fell 1% and Oklahoma energy stocks also recorded another weak day with losses of 4% to 7%. Analysts credited Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s remarks to lawmakers that refilling the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve might take years with causing the slump in crude …

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State Senate approves bill focusing on environmental concerns of pot farms

  A bill aimed at using environmental concerns to target the medical marijuana grow operations in Oklahoma won approval this week in the State Senate. Fox 25 News reported Senate Bill 808 by Sen. Joe Newhouse of Tulsa was passed and sent to the House. Click here for Fox 25 News  

Just what we don’t need—-a threat of another summer of record gasoline costs

  With the threat of a repeat of last summer’s high gasoline prices across the U.S., the cost of pulling up to the pump in Oklahoma has declined in the past few weeks, reaching an average of $3 a gallon. AAA Oklahoma reported the national average is $3.43 per gallon. But the U.S. Energy Information …

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Congresswoman says her bill would roll back Biden’s anti-energy policies

  Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice says a bill she introduced in the U.S. House would roll back what she calls the “anti-energy policies” of the Biden Administration. In a column this week, the Republican Representative explained H.R. 1 would not only repeal the $6 billion natural gas tax but also harmful royalties and fees imposed …

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Denver suburb wants limit on gas stations

  Saying they are only responding to the climate crisis, members of the city council in the Denver suburb of Louisville, Colorado are considering a cap of gas stations in their city. They want to limit the number at only six in an effort to fight climate change reported Denver 7 TV news. Proposed ordinance …

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Bumpy bike ride got even bumpier for Tulsa woman

  A Tulsa woman who tried to get financial damages from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation after she rode her bicycle into a restricted highway system drainage area late at night lost her case with a State Appeals Court. The lawsuit was dismissed by the Court of Civil Appeals according to reporter Mike Ray at …

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Rep. Lucas withdraws trails designation support—fears Biden administration

  Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas says because of what he calls “President Biden’s 30 by 30 land grab,” he is backing off his previous efforts to sponsor the Chisholm National Historic Trail and Western National Historic trail Designation Act. He also wants Congress to investigate the President’s plan. He says it’s clear the Biden administration …

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Arkoma Basin is a producing home for Calyx Energy

  The Arkoma Woodford Basin in eastern Oklahoma continues to yield successful wells for Tulsa energy company Calyx Energy III LLC. Two more Pittsburg County gas wells were reported by the company and they had combined production of more than 26,000 Mcf of natural gas from a single pad site located west of the town …

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