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Completion reports for February 28, 2022

completions: none were processed today

Permits to drill for February 28, 2022

Garvin County JOSH #1-4-33-1-3MXH, February 28 2022 33 1N 3W SWSENWNW API: 04925359 Lat: 34.517840722011506, Long: -97.52536149727257 SCISSORTAIL EXPLORATION AND MU, DR, 16124 ft, SYCAMORE(7430), WOODFORD(7790) Grady County WORLEY CREEK #1H-20-17, February 28 2022 29 9N 5W NWNENENW API: 05124916 Lat: 35.23196778163099, Long: -97.75235807678575 CITIZEN ENERGY III LLC MU, DR, 20823 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(10200), WOODFORD(10250) Grady County WORLEY …

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Increased natural gas prices lead to increased earnings for ONEOK

  Higher natural gas prices led ONEOK to large increases in its fourth quarter and full-year 2021 earnings according to a company release on Monday. The company had $3.3 billion in adjusted EBITDA for the year. The full-year earnings were up 24% from full-year 2020. The company’s fourth quarter adjusted EBITDA was $846.6 million, a …

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Crude finishes above $100 a barrel amidst Russian invasion of Ukraine

  Crude oil prices in Europe settled above the $100 mark in Monday’s trading as the fighting grows in Ukraine where Russian soldiers attempt to surround the capitol of Kyiv. Oklahoma energy stocks soared along with the increase in crude. Global benchmark Brent crude for April delivery went up $3.06 and finished the day at …

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Devon expands renewable energy efforts with help of Tulsa firm

  Tulsa-based Omnia Midstream Partners, LLC announced a development agreement to integrate renewable energy into the operations of Devon Energy Corp’s Stateline field located in the Delaware Basin. Omnia is an energy solutions developer and advisor and worked with Devon to integrate emissions-reducing renewable energy and battery storage into its power supply to supplement a …

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Justice recuses from 2nd storm cost case before Supreme Court

  A State Supreme Court Justice who recused herself from the more than $800 million OG&E storm cost bond case has done the same thing in a constitutional challenge of the act that allowed utilities to use bond securitization to cover their 2021 winter storm costs. At the same time, the high court is offering …

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Other energy headlines

** The Supreme Court began hearing arguments Monday in a high-stakes case for President Biden’s climate agenda that will determine the EPA’s authority to regulate power plant emissions. ** President Biden’s nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court could affect a case regarding the social cost of carbon that she’s currently weighing on a federal court. ** Exxon Mobil …

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Chesapeake Energy to emphasize more natural gas production

  What came out of Chesapeake Energy’s recent fourth quarter financial results and subsequent conference call by leadership was how the company is re-emphasizing natural gas production rather than oil. Chesapeake Energy, at one time in its history was something of a king of natural gas production, then several years ago decided to make a …

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Senate committee to grill FERC over climate-change pipeline policy

  Could be a most interesting hearing this week for Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Lankford and others on the Senate Energy Committee as they grill FERC members on their new pipeline policy statement. On Thursday, the Senators will have an opportunity to question all five members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the recent …

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Cole to Biden–stop buying Russian oil

  Oklahoma congressman Tom Cole is calling on President Biden to immediately stop U.S. purchases of Russian oil and at the same time to “stop vilifying America’s oil and gas industry.” The Republican Representative issued an open letter to the President, saying he is doing so in violation of one of his cardinal rules in politics—never …

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