January 2023 archive

Crude oil prices and OK energy stocks made gains in Tuesday’s trading

  Higher demand left crude oil prices steady with gains in Tuesday’s trading after they recovered from a near three-week low. Oklahoma energy stocks made gains for the day too. West Texas Intermediate crude rose 97 cents or 1.3% to settle at $78.87 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Global benchmark Brent crude …

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Earnings down for Phillips 66

  Phillips 66 announced fourth-quarter 2022 earnings of $1.9 billion, compared with earnings of $5.4 billion in the third quarter of 2022. In Tuesday’s announcement, the company said the $1.9 billion in earnings translated into $3.97 per share. Adjusted earnings were $1.9 billion or $4 a share. The firm also generated $4.8 billion in operating …

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Oklahoma governor fights newest WOTUS rules from EPA

(this time the link is available for the story—our apologies) Mark Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt as an opponent of the Biden administration’s enforcement of new WOTUS rules. He joined 24 other governors in opposing the revised definition of the Waters of the United States rules by the Environmental Protection Agency. Click here for McCarville Report

Wyoming says ‘thanks but no thanks’ to millions for EV charging network

  Why did Wyoming turn down $27 million in federal funds to build an EV charging network across the state? Because under the strict requirements of the Biden administration plan, recharging stations would be located literally in the middle of nowhere. Click here for E&E News

E-bike battery fire causes $250,000 to Colorado garage

  Another lithium-battery sparked fire is reported—one involving e-bikes and the resulting fire in a Vail garage in Colorado caused $250,000 in damage. It follows a report of a Tesla car breaking out in fire last week in California where fire crews had to use 6,000 gallons of water to extinguish. Click here for CBS …

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New Mexico probes newly found methane cloud over Permian

  The discovery of a methane cloud over the Permian Basin by Bloomberg News, which tracks emissions of the gas through satellites, is being investigated by New Mexico environmental authorities. Bloomberg reported the gas is spewing from an APA Corp. oil and gas operation and when informed of the cloud, APA, formerly known as Apache, …

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Power company offers scholarships to Kiowa High School seniors

  Kiowa Power Partners, LLC, owner of Tenaska Kiamichi Generating Station near Kiowa is sponsoring $17,500 in academic scholarships for college-bound Kiowa High School seniors again this year. Tenaska, one of the leading independent power producers in the United States, manages scholarship programs in communities where its generating facilities are located. To date, more than …

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ESG bill worries Nebraska bankers

  Bankers in Nebraska aren’t so willing to jump on the bandwagon to stop the State Treasurer from using state funds for “social and political” goals. They’re telling legislators the proposed law is too vague and meddles in banking decisions reported the Nebraska Examiner. Click here for Nebraska Examiner

Wrong EV for Biden’s tax credit push

  You’d think the White House staff would do a little fact-checking before putting President Biden in front of an expensive EV and saying it would qualify for a tax credit. Biden’s latest gaffe occurred Monday on Twitter where he tried to promote his electric vehicle tax credit. But it turned out he was wrong …

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Williams to release 4Q earnings in February

  Investors in Tulsa-based Williams Cos. await a fourth-quarter earnings report that will show whether or not the company accomplished the same kind of 15% growth it did in in the third quarter. The company plans to release its fourth-quarter and full-year 2022 financial results  on Monday, Feb. 20,2023. Management will also host a 2023 …

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