December 7, 2022 archive

Permits to drill for December 7, 2022

Custer County UNCLE RICO 17_8-14N-14W #2MHX, December 07 2022 20 14N 14W NWNWNWNE API: 03922619 Lat: 35.68111461098823, Long: -98.71134519026795 PALOMA OPERATING CO INC MU, DR, 26000 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(12300) Custer County UNCLE RICO 17_8-14N-14W #1MHX, December 07 2022 20 14N 14W NWNWNWNE API: 03922618 Lat: 35.681114606428885, Long: -98.71141253070951 PALOMA OPERATING CO INC MU, DR, 26000 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(12300) Seminole …

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Completion reports for December 7, 2022

completions: none were processed today

Crude prices hit year low and OK energy stocks fell

  Not since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has the price of oil fallen so low following Wednesday’s trading. Prices hit their lowest mark of the year and the day also produced losses for most Oklahoma energy stocks. West Texas Intermediate crude for January delivery dropped $2.24 a barrel or 3% to settle at $72.01 on …

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Cushing oil hub continues with its fall in stored crude oil

  The Cushing hub continues in its declining amount of crude oil in storage. The U.S. Energy Information Administration on Wednesday reported the latest total in storage as of December 2 is 23.9 million barrels, a drop of 400,000 barrels from Nov 25, 2022. As of late October, the hub held 28.2 million barrels of …

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Canoo waits on city council decision

  Electric vehicle maker Canoo made its formal pitch this week for $1 million from the City Council in Oklahoma City. Canoo is hoping to get the high-dollar incentive in order to take control of a former Terex manufacturing plant in west Oklahoma City and begin manufacturing its EVs. The company promised the creation of …

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OSU chosen by Sen. Inhofe to house his official documents

  Decades of paper and documents covering the long political career of U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe will be housed at Oklahoma State University. The Senator, about to retire next month after serving in the U.S. House and Senate starting in 1967, announced he chose OSU as the repository for his official papers and senatorial archives. …

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Biden now wants help from oil and gas industry he targeted

  A White House meeting with oil and gas executives? The Biden administration? It’s what President Biden, the man who launched an attack on the U.S. oil and gas industry from day one of his administration, wants to do on Thursday. He’s planning a meeting, not to discuss how to help the industry regain its …

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From coal to oil—Alliance Resource widens operations

  Expansion into the oil and gas industry was a goal some years ago of Tulsa coal company Alliance Resource Partners. It’s definitely continuing. In the past few months, Alliance, considered one of the larger coal operating  firms in the Eastern U.S. confirmed nearly $95 million in acquisitions in the Permian Basin. In its quarterly …

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Mammoth seeks investors at San Francisco conference

  Leadership of Oklahoma-based Mammoth Energy Services plan to be a part of the Singular Research “Best of the Uncovered” Investor Conference in San Francisco. The event will be held Thursday, Dec. 8 and Mammoth’s investor presentation will be held at 3 p.m. Central Time. The Company’s investor presentation and a link to register for …

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EU oil cap—what it might mean for rest of the world

  Being a follower of American geopolitical analyst and author Peter Zeihan, I was intrigued by his most recent discussion of the world-wide impact of the European Union’s $60 cap on Russian crude oil. It is well worthwhile to spend a few minutes listening and considering his review of what the move could mean to …

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