December 12, 2022 archive

Permits to drill for December 12, 2022

Jerry Bohnen Mon, Dec 12 at 7:35 PM Garvin County TORERO 0303 #19-18 3WXH, June 20 2022 30 3N 3W SWNENWNE API: 04925372 Lat: 34.70917796251893, Long: -97.55136947952295 CPRP SERVICES LLC MU, AM, 22630 ft, WOODFORD(11700) Garvin County TORERO 0303 #19-18-4WXH, June 20 2022 30 3N 3W SWNENWNE API: 04925373 Lat: 34.70917796485131, Long: -97.55131957219737 CPRP SERVICES LLC MU, …

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Completion reports for December 12, 2022

CARTER COUNTY Citation Oil & Gas Corporation Deese(1294): Oil 8 Water 196 Flow 22 2S 2W S E Tatums Ut(Harrell Estate 3 2-3, September 14, 2022 SH, OIL, TD: 1835 ft Lat: 34.36859, Long: -97.39396 API: 35019043750003 DEWEY COUNTY Staghorn Petroleum Ii Llc Red Fork(7924): Oil 235 Gas 155 Water 743 Pump 15 19N 14W Hyden 19-14-16-20-21 1h, April 04, 2022 HH, OIL, TD: 16640 …

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Oklahoma energy stocks recorded strong Monday on $2 gains for crude oil

  Russia’s threat to cut oil production along with the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline because of an oil leak in Kansas sparked a $2 a barrel jump in crude oil prices on Monday. Oklahoma energy stocks also had a positive day in trading as some firms saw 4% and 5% gains for the day. …

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OGE investors get another dividend while utility makes 4th increase request to regulators

Two days after Oklahoma Gas and Electric filed its fourth request in the past year to bump charges to customers, the company announced the payment of its latest dividend for its investors. The Sunday announcement came as the board of OGE Energy Corp. approved a dividend of $0.4141 per share on the 27th of January. …

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Increased holiday travel in forecast for Oklahoma

With the worst of the COVID pandemic behind us, Oklahoma will see an increase in approaching holiday travel, predicted AAA Oklahoma. The organization came out with its holiday travel forecast on Monday, estimating nearly 1.1 million people in Oklahoma will travel 50 miles or more away from home from Dec. 23 to Jan. 2, 2023. …

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More energy headlines

** The U.S. Department of Energy said Sunday it would announce a “major scientific breakthrough” this week, after media reported a federal laboratory had recently achieved a major milestone in nuclear fusion research. The Financial Times reported Sunday that scientists in the California-based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) had achieved a “net energy gain” from an …

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Chesapeake announces new funding source

  Chesapeake Energy Corporation announced Monday it had a new source of funding for its operations. The company said the new senior secured reserve-based revolving credit facility replaced its previous credit facility. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Chesapeake would be able to obtain an initial borrowing base of $3.5 billion.   …

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Buttigieg caught in a “Do as I say—not as I do” situation

  When some Trump administration officials were caught using taxpayer-funded private jets, they faced almost instant public criticism and exposure by the press. Now that President Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been caught doing the same thing, the criticism and questions aren’t making the same kind of headlines. Click here for Fox News  

Keystone Pipeline leak still unsolved

  The cause of the 14,000 barrel crude oil leak from the Keystone oil pipeline in northern Kansas remains a mystery, a leak that affected the flow of oil the Cushing Hub in Oklahoma. Canada’s TC Energy indicated over the weekend it had not been able to determine what caused last week’s leak near Washington, …

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Railway merger fought by residents of one Iowa town

  Residents of at least one small town in Iowa are putting up a fight against the proposed merger of two railroad companies, contending it will increase not only the number of trains but dangers to them. The $31 billion merger of Kansas City Southern, a railway that runs through eastern Oklahoma, and Canadian Pacific …

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