May 17, 2023 archive

Permits to drill for May 17, 2023

Texas County COON B #1, June 22 2022 17 3N 12EC SWNWSENW API: 13924561 MERIT ENERGY COMPANY SH, AM, 6472 ft, MARMATON(4992), MORROW S-3(6259)

Completion reports for May 17, 2023

GARVIN COUNTY Continental Resources Inc All Zones Producing: Oil 1067 Gas 1058 Water 9617 Pump 33 1N 3W Moonraker 2-33-32xhm, February 04, 2023 HH, OIL, TD: 17173 ft Lat: 34.51690, Long: -97.51255 API: 35049253760001 Continental Resources Inc All Zones Producing: Oil 324 Gas 434 Water 6934 Flow 33 1N 3W Moonraker 1-33-32xhm, February 02, 2023 HH, OIL, TD: 17246 ft Lat: 34.51698, Long: -97.51255 API: 35049253750001 Continental …

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Oklahoma legislature closer to approving millions in funding for Edmond-Deer Creek water plant

  Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars could soon bring relief to Edmond-Deer Creek neighborhoods dealing with wastewater challenges from a nearby treatment plant. The Oklahoma House of Representatives on Wednesday passed House Bill 2942, which appropriates $28.1 million to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for water infrastructure investments, including to the Deer Creek …

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Oklahoma energy stocks and crude oil prices recorded gains on Wednesday

Oklahoma energy stocks and crude oil prices rebounded Wednesday with gains for the day including a $2 jump for crude oil. The nearly 3% gain in crude oil came about due to increased optimism over oil demand and U.S. debt ceiling negotiations. West Texas Intermediate crude rose $1.97 a barrel or 2.8% to $72.83 on …

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Oklahoma unveils proposed Air Monitoring Network plan

  Oklahoma’s Department of Environmental Quality is seeking public comment about the state’s proposed 2023 Air Monitoring Network Plan which includes coverage of the state’s most populated cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa and less populated cities an rural communities. The plan will be available for public review and comment through June 19 and according to the DEQ …

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Warm winter resulted in lowest propane use in US since 2010

    A new report from the government revealed U.S. propane consumption in the most recent winter was the lowest total since 2010, largely because of warmer weather across much of the nation. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported consumption averaged 0.986 million barrels a day during the 2022-23 winter heating season, which is October …

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Study ranks banks for their ESG lending policies

  Not long after Oklahoma Treasurer Todd Russ notified 13 financial institutions they were no longer eligible for state contracts because of their ESG policies and anti-oil and gas industry financing, a study was released ranking 40 institutions for their lending practices. It was released by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity which studied the proxy …

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Truckers to face more drug testing beginning in June

  Just as the nation’s transportation industry experiences a shortage of big rig trucker drivers, the federal Transportation Department is expanding drug tests for those behind the wheels of the big rigs. The DOT announced earlier this month it approved a change to drug testing that will allow employers to include oral fluid testing. It …

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Increase in crude oil in storage at Cushing Hub

  Crude oil supplies at the Cushing Hub in Oklahoma recorded a gain of 1.5 million barrels in the past week according to the latest report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The EIA reported Cushing held 35.5 million barrels as of May 12 of this year compared to 34 million on May 5. Cushing’s …

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Biden vetoes GOP effort to restore solar panel tariffs

  President Biden delivered a blow to Oklahoma’s congressional delegation and others that sent him a resolution to reinstate tariffs on solar panel imports from Southeast Asia. Oklahoma’s members of the U.S. House and Senate voted in support of the resolution that represented a long-running fight with the White House about punishing China over trade …

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