January 17, 2023 archive

Permits to drill for January 17, 2023

Garvin County ANTERO #0303 7-6-4MXH, October 25 2022 07 3N 3W SWSESWSE API: 04925389 Lat: 34.73966609884232, Long: -97.55186843475852 CPRP SERVICES LLC MU, AM, 22280 ft, SYCAMORE(11150) Grady County NORTHWEST CHITWOOD UNIT #18-7, January 17 2023 35 5N 7W NENENWSW API: 05124998 Lat: 34.861465573080025, Long: -97.91364506303206 KALKMAN OIL CORPORATION SH, DR, 10200 ft, ABERNATHY,HUDDLESTON,MELTON(9900) Hughes County ELSA #1-8-20WH, …

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Completion reports for January 17, 2023

KAY COUNTY Barber Oil Llc Oswego(3266): Oil 5 Gas 100 Water 6 Flow Cleveland(3182): Oil 10 Gas 200 Water 12 Flow Layton: 32 29N 1W Dewitt (Dewitt “a” 1) 1-32, January 14, 2022 SH, GAS, TD: 3703 ft Lat: 36.94317, Long: -97.32982 API: 35071234310002 KINGFISHER COUNTY Ovintiv Usa Inc Mississippian (less Chester)(7770): Oil 865 Gas 735 Water 1805 Flow 1 15N 7W Reherman 1607 5h-25x, June 29, 2022 HH, OIL, …

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Crude prices made gains after federal holiday in the US

  Crude oil prices rose on Tuesday while Oklahoma energy stocks lingered in the loss column. The increase in crude prices came after China posted weak but expectation-beating annual economic growth data. West Texas Intermediate crude managed a 32 cent increase or 0.4% to settle at $80.18 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Global benchmark …

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Rep Cole—energy security is national security

  In a column this week, Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole repeated the claim he and others have sworn over the past two years of the Biden administration—energy security is national security. “Unfortunately, instead of working on commonsense all-of-the-above energy policies, the president and Democrats ignore our energy resources that are already in the U.S. and …

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EV ban proposal dies in Wyoming legislature

  Just as quickly as news spread that the Wyoming legislature would consider a bill to ban electric vehicles by 2035 did the measure die in committee. The Cowboy State Daily reports the Senate resolution didn’t get support this week in a committee hearing even as word spread about the effort. Click here for Cowboy …

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Winter storm costs created public records fight in San Antonio

  Public records and demands for details of energy costs from the February 2021 winter storm Uri aren’t just an issue at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. They are a growing issue in Texas where the San Antonio Express-News has attempted to learn more about why the city-owned CPS Energy spent tens of millions of dollars …

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Oklahoma Treasurer makes Energy Discrimination a top issue

  A top issue for Oklahoma’s new State Treasurer Todd Russ is making sure some financial institutions don’t target the oil and gas industry with ESG—Environmental, Social and Governance evaluations. “The dangers of ESG to our state’s financial well-being is a top issue for me,” Russ said after being sworn into office last week. He …

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Rep. Lucas says he’s ‘coming home’ to House Ag Committee

  When Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas said Monday he was “coming home,” he didn’t mean to Oklahoma. Lucas was referring to his appointment this week back on the House Agriculture Committee, the one he chaired in 2011 to 2015. Ag Committee chairman Rep. Glenn Thompson announced the selection of Republicans to the committee and Lucas …

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Pipeline construction increases in Texas

  Texas has more than 417,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines and the amount is quickly growing. So is the state’s methane emissions and flaring. Developers contend however, the additional pipelines are needed to national security reported The Odessa American. Click here for Odessa American  

Scientists change their minds about melting of Antarctic

  Maybe climate change and the rising oceans of the world won’t be as disastrous as some environmentalists contend—at least based on the newest contentions of scientists. In a report released on Monday, new research shows that the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is not “inevitable.” We’ve been warned by Al Gore and …

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