August 10, 2022 archive

Completion reports for August 10, 2022

GARVIN COUNTY Marathon Oil Company Woodford(14003): Oil 93 Gas 4178 Water 98 Flow 5 3N 4W Collins 0404 1-31-30wxh, November 13, 2019 HH, GAS, TD: 24775 ft Lat: 34.76738, Long: -97.65012 API: 35049252910001 GRADY COUNTY Citizen Energy Iii Llc Mississippi Lime(10769): Oil 285 Gas 561 Water 1583 Flow 36 9N 6W Ghj&j Arterberry 1h-36-25, December 05, 2021 HH, OIL, TD: 19750 ft Lat: 35.20428, Long: -97.78485 …

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Completion reports for August 9, 2022

o:Jerry Bohnen Tue, Aug 9 at 8:20 PM GARVIN COUNTY Continental Resources Inc Woodford(14692): Oil 87 Gas 2978 Water 4344 Flow 19 3N 4W Rcl 7-19-30-31xhw, March 24, 2022 HH, GAS, TD: 29770 ft Lat: 34.72399, Long: -97.65424 API: 35049253470000 Continental Resources Inc Woodford(14747): Oil 120 Gas 3985 Water 5160 Flow 19 3N 4W Rcl 6-19-30-31xhw, March 19, 2022 HH, GAS, TD: 29842 ft Lat: 34.72407, …

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Permits to drill for August 9, 2022

Canadian County LITTLE SAHARA 1107 #26-23-4MXHR, August 09 2022 26 11N 7W NWSWSESE API: 01725837 Lat: 35.393308393410834, Long: -97.90598306137187 CAMINO NATURAL RESOURCES LLC MU, DR, 18288 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(9963), WOODFORD(10285) Creek County GOOBERS GOLD #2, August 09 2022 28 15N 9E SWSESWNW API: 03729495 Lat: 35.74849828629783, Long: -96.36638856741439 WFD OIL CORPORATION SH, DR, 2525 ft, TRUE LAYTON(1300), SKINNER(2400), …

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Crude oil rebounded Wednesday while OK energy stocks lost and gained

Helped by encouraging figures on U.S. gasoline demand and lower-than-expected U.S. inflation data, oil prices rose on Wednesday. Oklahoma energy stocks ended the day with some big gains and some big losses. West Texas Intermediate crude for September delivery went up $1.43 to $91.93 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Global benchmark Brent …

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Strong 2Q earnings leads Ascent Resources to increase drilling in the Utica

  Oklahoma City’s Ascent Resources Utica Holdings, LLC says it’s accelerating its drilling activity n the Utica play following results of its second quarter earnings. The company reported $285 million in net income, adjusted net income of $277 million and adjusted EBITDAX of $477 million. It also incurred $272 million of total capital expenditures including …

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ONEOK seeks more investors

  Leadership at ONEOK, Inc. plans to reach out to more potential investors at two conferences this month. The company will participate in the Aug. 11 Goldman Sachs Power, Utilities, MLPs and Pipelines conference. ONEOK management will participate in a fireside chat session at 8:45 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (7:45 a.m. Central Daylight Time) on …

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North Dakota fights enviros lawsuit against lease sales on federal lands

  The state of North Dakota has won a federal judge’s approval to intervene in a lawsuit by environmental groups who are fighting the government’s resumption of oil and gas lease sales on federal lands. The President’s April announcement of resuming the oil and gas lease sales  applied to 23 parcels in eastern Montana and …

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Devon’s $1.8 billion acquisition of Denver energy firm means expanded drilling in South Texas

  Devon Energy made a giant step in its investments in Texas oil and gas fields with this week’s announced $1.8 billion acquisition of Validus Energy of Denver, Colorado. Validus is an Eagle Ford operator and the deal is expected to close at the end of the third quarter of this year with an effective …

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Climate bill targets oil and gas drilling on federal lands

  Here’s what the climate-and-tax bill passed by the Senate….the one described as lowering inflation—would do to the oil and gas industry when it comes to drilling on federal land. Bloomberg reported it would force companies to pay more to drill and also ban them from stockpiling leases. Click here for Bloomberg

Dems target oil and gas firms with big tax bill

  Democrats in the U.S. Senate are not finished going after America’s oil and gas industry as they introduced a bill this week to double excess-profit taxes on oil companies making more than $1 billion a year. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden filed the Taxing Big Oil Profits Act to impose a 21% tax on excess …

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