October 16, 2021 archive

US crude prices hold at $82 a barrel—Brent’s closer to $85

  Crude oil prices made more significant gains on Friday reaching more than $82 a barrel in the U.S. and close to $85 a barrel in Europe. The question for investors is—will the march toward higher prices continue this week? Will the prices hold as worldwide demand grows. Rig numbers have apparently responded accordingly as …

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Still waiting on Canoo’s EV plant in NE Oklahoma

  More than three months after Oklahoma offered $300 million to electric car maker Canoo Inc. and Gov. Kevin Stitt participated in a public signing ceremony, the car plant near Pryor has yet to see ground broken. As The Frontier reported after digging into the matter, it learned Canoo has yet to turn a profit …

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Mullin—Biden’s energy policies are hurting America

  Oklahoma congressman Markwayne Mullin is reminding President Biden to put America first when it comes to its energy industry. He and 145 Republican Representatives wrote the President this week urging him to reverse his anti-American agenda and put the best interest of our country and economy first. Oklahoma Reps. Tom Cole, Kevin Hern and …

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Oklahoma prepares to tax commercial EV charging stations

  Oklahoma regulators are preparing emergency rulemaking to begin creation of tax revenue collection on commercial electric vehicle charging stations across the state. The Corporation Commission announced in recent days plans to hold a technical conference on October 20 with an October 22 deadline to receive comments about the rules that will apply to the …

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Rig numbers grow in Oklahoma and across the US

  Oklahoma’s rig activity grew even more in the past week according to the latest service report from Baker Hughes which showed the state’s rig count increased by two to 43. A year ago, there were only 14 drilling rigs active in the state. The latest Baker Hughes rig count showed a nationwide increase of …

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Other brief energy stories

** The United Steelworkers union urged locked-out workers at Exxon Mobil Corp’s Beaumont, Texas, refinery to reject a company contract offer in a vote scheduled for Tuesday, according to a union statement. ** A total of 114 workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory — the birthplace of the atomic bomb — are suing over the government’s vaccine …

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Completion reports for October 15, 2021

completions: none were processed today

Permits to drill for October 15, 2021

Canadian County TOBY KEITH 1108 #7-18-1MXH, October 15 2021 06 11N 8W SESWSWSW API: 01725718 Lat: 35.45021057971437, Long: -98.0945853461017 CAMINO NATURAL RESOURCES LLC MU, DR, 22765 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(12093), WOODFORD(12294) Garfield County LAURA CREWS NORTH #35, October 15 2021 19 22N 3W N2NWSWSW API: 04724371 Lat: 36.36468615358539, Long: -97.56740064393698 M M ENERGY INC SH, RC, 4440 ft, CREWS(1950), …

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Spire’s legal pipeline fight isn’t finished

  St. Louis gas utility Spire Inc. faces a possible stoppage of its pipeline through Illinois and Missouri after the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected the company’s stay request to continue operating. At issue is a lower court ruling against Spire’s 65-mile $285 million STL Pipeline which opened in November 2019. The court ruled …

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