March 29, 2021 archive

Completion reports for March 29, 2021

CARTER COUNTY Xto Energy Inc 11 4S 2E Naylor 2-11h2x35, August 05, 2019 HH, DRY, TD: 25008 ft Lat: 34.22933, Long: -97.06324 API: 35019263140000

Permits to drill for March 29, 2021

Blaine County COLUMBINE 22_15_10-15N-10W #2HXX, March 11 2021 27 15N 10W SWNWNWNE API: 01124258 Lat: 35.75321555489661, Long: -98.25089696734857 DEVON ENERGY PRODUCTION CO LP MU, AM, 26856 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(9555), MISSISSIPPI(9555), WOODFORD(11010) Blaine County COLUMBINE 22_15_10-15N-10W #4HXX, March 11 2021 27 15N 10W SWNWNWNE API: 01124260 Lat: 35.75321556848622, Long: -98.25069476395674 DEVON ENERGY PRODUCTION CO LP MU, AM, 26741 ft, …

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Foot in mouth mistake by Buttigieg over his mileage tax mistake

  Might have been a good thing Pete Buttigieg retreated Monday on the idea that floated of a possible mileage tax to pay for the President’s multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. He would have had to deal with at least one Oklahoma congressman. Republican Rep Frank Lucas was clear in his opposition. “At a time when our …

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Suez canal unblocked–oil went up–Oklahoma energy stocks dropped

  With the unblocking of the Suez Canal by a cargo ship nearly the length of New York’s Empire State Building, it sent oil prices rising in Monday’s trading. Oklahoma energy stocks went the opposite direction. The massive container ship, Ever Given was freed early Monday after being stuck cross ways for nearly a week, …

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Oklahoma regulators to consider another utility’s storm costs

  The latest utility to approach Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner’s for help in dealing with high February storm gas costs is the Fort Cobb Fuel Authority based in Eakly. The Authority followed in the footsteps of other utilities in asking for special regulatory treatment for abnormal gas supply costs. In its filing, Fort Cobb said unless …

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Texas power companies try to block release of storm-related records

  Legal battles are underway in Texas to determine whether utilities and power companies should reveal information about what went wrong in the February winter storm and power crisis. Many of the power companies are fighting the release of the information to the media. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has been hit with hundreds …

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Windfarm sale turns off Southeast Kansas residents

  Southeast Kansas residents indicate they support proposed stricter regulations on wind farms, especially after one renewable energy giant sold its wind farm resulting in electricity being shipped to Nebraska and not in Kansas. The Morning Sun in Pittsburg reported the change in attitude following Apex Energy’s sale of its Jayhawk Wind project in Crawford …

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Roasted Buttigieg now says mileage tax off the table!

  After being literally roasted by his critics for suggesting a mileage tax could be on the table to pay for the President’s multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg quickly backtracked on Monday. “No, that’s not part of the conversation,” he said succinctly in an interview Monday with CNN. It was a far cry …

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Energy news in brief

** Ever Given, the massive container ship blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week was freed on Monday, allowing the first of an estimated 300 ships to begin their trek through the narrow passageway of water. ** Court filings reveal Tesla wants a U.S. appeals court to reinstate an Obama-era federal regulation that would more than double …

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PSO hands out more grants to innovative teachers

  Public Service Company announced the awarding of $4,800 in new AEP Teacher Vision Grants to teachers in 8 schools to help them with innovative approaches to improve student learning in the classroom. Individual grants up to $500 have been awarded to teachers in Antlers, Atoka, Hinton, Hobart, Idabel, Olustee-Eldorado, Rattan and Tulsa.  The amount …

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