October 11, 2019 archive

More rigs are being sent to the yards across Oklahoma and the US

Not only has Oklahoma’s oil and gas rig count slipped again in the past week, but it’s reflected by the lack of completion reports filed with state regulators. Only two completion reports were filed for the week with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and that was on Monday. No reports were filed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and …

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Completion reports for October 11, 2019.

Completion reports filed for October 11, 2019. completions: none were processed today

Permits to drill for October 11, 2019

Permits to drill issued on October 11, 2019. Alfalfa County DIEL A #1-26, October 11 2019 26 29N 12W CSENW API: 00323387 Lat: 36.96578079864002, Long: -98.46594716773694 TRANS PACIFIC OIL CORPORATION SH, DR, 5500 ft, TONKAWA(4100), LANSING-KANSAS CITY(4340), DES MOINES(4630), MISSISSIPPIAN(4850), MISENER(5220), SYLVAN(5260), VIOLA(5300), SIMPSON(5410) Canadian County OMAHA 21-16-11-7 #1WXH, October 11 2019 21 11N 7W SWSWSESE …

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Inhofe attacks IMF’s call for carbon tax on fossil fuels

A call by the International Monetary Fund for a worldwide carbon tax to make fossil fuels more expensive has been condemned by Oklahoma U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe. “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream because by regulating carbon, unelected officials can control every part of our lives,” said …

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Producers Alliance to meet in OKC

The Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance plans a networking luncheon this month in Oklahoma City. Entitled “What’s next in protecting our rights as conventional producers in Oklahoma?”, it will be held Thursday, Oct. 24 at the Will Rogers Theater, 4322 N. Western in Oklahoma City. Guest speakers will be Dewey F. Bartlett and Mike Cantrell. The …

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Chinese national fights protective order in Phillips 66 trade secrets trial

The trial of the 35-year old Chinese National accused of attempting to stealing nearly $1 billion in Phillips 66 battery storage trade secrets at the company’s Bartlesville laboratories has been rescheduled again in Tulsa U.S. District Court. Judge Gregory K. Frizzell issued a new trial date  of November 12 at 9:30 a.m. following a hearing …

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Halliburton layoffs spark Colorado law debate

Halliburton’s decision to lay off nearly 650 workers in the Rocky Mountain states has resulted in a debate whether a new Colorado law had anything to do with it. Colorado Public Radio reports that some contend Senate Bill 181 was behind the layoffs, at least in Colorado. That’s contributing to a debate raging now: How …

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Diesel fuel advocates take issue with EV bus study

While the push for electric vehicles is growing, there is also a growing dispute between electric bus and diesel advocates and diesel fuel supporters. As E and E News reported, the dispute revolves around a new study. A new report has sparked a clash between electric bus and diesel advocates, highlighting a growing debate over …

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Where some of the VW settlement money has gone in Oklahoma

More than a year after Oklahoma received nearly $21 million in its share of the Volkswagen settlement, dozens of schools have seen direct aid as a result. The funds are to be used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from the state’s transportation sector.  DEQ, through the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement has developed new programs …

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PSO and Port Authority reach land deal

Public Service Company of Oklahoma has reached a deal in which more than 2,000 acres of the company’s Inola River-Rail site have been turned over to the City of Tulsa-Rogers County Port Authority. The Authority plans to turn the site into economic development sites. “Attracting Sofidel to our Inola property last year has played a …

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