More rigs are being sent to the yards across Oklahoma and the US

Not only has Oklahoma’s oil and gas rig count slipped again in the past week, but it’s reflected by the lack of completion reports filed with state regulators.

Only two completion reports were filed for the week with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and that was on Monday. No reports were filed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

At the same time, the latest Baker Hughes rig count showed Oklahoma’s number of working rigs fell by one to only 62 compared to 142 one year ago. Numbers for the state’s different oil plays are dismal as well.  Two rigs are working in the Ardmore Woodford and three are in the Arkoma Woodford. The Granite Wash has two rigs compared to 13 a year ago. The Mississippian’s count is two compared to 7 a year earlier.

Nationally, the count grew by one to 856 but the number is 207 below the 1,063 working oil and gas rigs last year at this time. The nation added two oil rig to make a total of 712 while the gas count slipped by one to 143. Compared to last year at this time when there were 1,063 working rigs, the US count is down 207 including 157 oil rigs and 50 gas rigs.

Texas has a count of 420 this week which is 6 more than last week but well below the 532 rigs reported a year earlier. Wyoming remained at 33 and North Dakota stayed at 54. Louisiana added two to reach 54 while New Mexico dropped one rig to reach 112. Colorado remained at 24.

In Kansas, the Red Top Rig Report published by the Independent Oil and Gas Service showed 32 active rigs which was a drop of five in the past week. A year ago, Kansas had 41 active rigs. The Report indicated the state has 136 “cold stacked rigs in yards.”

Of other oil and gas plays, the D-J Basin in Colorado remained at 21 while the Eagle Ford in South Texas stayed at 60. The Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico had 421 rigs which was six more than a week ago. The Williston in North Dakota remained at 55 working rigs.