AARP supports AG’s effort to lower PSO rate hike


Oklahoma’s AARP has come out in support of State Attorney General Gentner Drummond’s request for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to reconsider its recently approved rate hike allowed for Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

“AARP Oklahoma supports Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond’s motion to lower the residential utility rate increase from $5.35 to $3.57,” said AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl.

“We know an extra $2 per month is a significant hardship for those on fixed incomes, and we are always looking for solutions to help utility customers save money.”

Drummond filed a motion last week asking state regulators to rescind their original approval of a rate hike that resulted in another $5.35 a month for the average consumer. He said it was more than the stipulated agreement reached by his office, the Commission’s Public Utilities Division and the AARP.

The agreement by the three groups called for a reduction of PSO’s  original request that would have added $14 a month to the average residential consumer. It urged approval of a lower rate hike and a cap of 2.5% on residential customers that would have affected the consumer by $3.57 more a month.

“AARP fought to mitigate any rate increase customers endure, including lowering the fixed monthly charge from $20 to $17 per month,” added Voskuhl.

“We will continue advocating for affordable and reliable utilities on behalf of Oklahoma utility customers and will make comments supporting Attorney General Drummond’s motions during Tuesday’s Corporation Commission meeting.”

PSO also said this week it too supported the Attorney General’s decision to challenge what was approved by the Corporation Commission.