Economist repeats his criticism of Oklahoma’s energy law


The University economist whose study of Oklahoma’s energy discrimination elimination act was flawed blames in part the short-sighted or “myopic” view of the legislators who created the law two years ago.

Writing in the Sunday Oklahoma’s Viewpoint section, Dr. Travis Roach said legislators who crafted the Oklahoma Energy Discrimination Elimination Act failed to consider the broader implications of their actions.

“–my recent analysis shows that this “anti-ESG” law has inflicted significant harm on the state’s municipalities — harm that is ultimately borne by taxpayers,” wrote the University of Central Oklahoma associate professor of economics.

The law has become the center of controversy since Treasurer Todd Russ began boycotting certain financial firms over their policies that discriminated against the oil and gas industry. Russ was sued by a state retiree and earlier this month, a judge suspended enforcement of the law.

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