November 26, 2018 archive

More quakes leave OCC staffers ‘baffled’

Two Monday morning earthquakes in southern Oklahoma are a puzzle to the oil and gas workers at the State Corporation Commission. Plus, continued quakes around the Bridge Creek Community have them scrambling as they continued to get complaints from area  residents. “We’re actively investigating this late round of quakes,” said Matt Skinner, a spokesman for …

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OCC to hold public meeting Tuesday on PSO plan

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission holds a regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 27. The 1:30 p.m. meeting in the Jim Thorpe Building will focus on a technical conference for stakeholders to review and discuss  PSO’s 2018 Integrated Resource Plan. No vote is anticipated and the agenda indicated that some commissioners might attend.

Oklahoma oil and gas firms help dig Wyoming out of its economic bust

The oil and gas industry is getting a lot of the credit for driving the state of Wyoming out of its economic bus, and those Oklahoma companies exploring there have played a big role. Not to mention the midstream operations that move the crude from Wyoming southward to the Cushing hub and eventually to the …

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Gas flaring rules to ease in North Dakota

The state of North Dakota has eased its flaring rules but plans to keep its gas capture goal of 88 percent. And the move will have a definite impact on the Oklahoma energy firms carrying out oil and gas exploration in the Bakken. Bruce Hicks, Asst. Director of the North Dakota Mineral Resources Oil and …

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Senate to hold confirmation hearing on EPA assistant administrator

One of the U.S. Senate hearings on Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe’s schedule this week is the nomination of Alexandra Dunn to be assistant administrator of the EPA. She was nominated in August and the hearing will be held Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Oklahoma time. Dunn is the current regional administrator for the EPA’s Region 1 …

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Chopper company that serves offshore drillers files for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy for a helicopter-leasing business that serves offshore oil drillers around the globe. Waypoint Leasing Holdings Ltd. has flown itself into bankruptcy court and at the same time, put itself on the auction block. Waypoint is the business backed by Michael Dell and George Soros and filed for bankruptcy on Sunday. It has focused on …

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Ouch! $2.2 million fine for Texas waste disposal company

The state of New Mexico has come down hard on a Texas-based oilfield driller and waste disposal company, fining the firm $2.2 million for pollution violations. The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department announced a state district court order that Siana Operating, based in Midland, Texas had to also cease disposal activities and …

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Fingers crossed at NASA for successful Mars landing

To say NASA Administrator and former Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine is pumped about the Mars landing is an understatement. On Sunday, he tweeted: “Years in the making, tomorrow is the moment of truth for @NASAInSight. We’re landing on Mars! Don’t miss it!” But it might be hours or days before NASA knows how the InSight …

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Another slide in Oklahoma City gasoline prices

GasBuddy reports gasoline prices in Oklahoma City dropped another 3 cents in the past week, reaching a new average of $2.08 a gallon at the pumps. The firm conducted a survey of 669 stations in the Oklahoma City metro to reach the new conclusion, adding that the drop compares with the national slide of nearly …

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Quiet time on capitol hill for Rep. Mullin and others on House Energy and Commerce Committee

It’s been a quiet month for Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin and others who sit on the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee. Very few hearings were held in November as Mullin and others wrapped up their election campaigns, Mullin of course, winning re-election to another two-year term. But a check of the various subcommittees showed …

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