February 14, 2021 archive

Natural gas use in extreme cold leads to possible shortage in Oklahoma

  Extreme cold and snowy weather left Oklahoma utility companies pleading for help from consumers and regulators as they are facing a potential shortage of natural gas for home heating purposes. State regulators might hold an emergency meeting on Monday, a federal holiday to help respond with possible increased allowable production of natural gas. As …

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New Mexico Senators plea for help from Biden administration

  The two Democratic U.S. Senators in New Mexico recently had a chance to ‘bend the ear’ of National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy about the impact of President Biden’s anti-fossil fuel steps. They specifically asked whether the Biden administration can offer aid to New Mexico, the hardest hit state by the pause on few federal …

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Record natural gas prices in Oklahoma amidst cold spell

  The bitter cold weather in Oklahoma brought a record price for natural gas. Bloomberg reported natural gas traded at $600 per million British thermal units in the state over the weekend as the state and the Midwest were in a deep freeze. The temperature plunge resulted in other hubs reporting high prices including $350 …

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