Energy headlines

** United Auto Workers President  said Wednesday that offers from the companies aren’t enough and the union is getting ready to strike. In an online address to union members, Fain said General Motors, Ford and Stellantis have raised their initial wage offers, but have rejected some of the union’s other demands.

**  Top White House energy adviser claimed earlier this year that there wouldn’t be a “big surge” in oil prices during an interview in which he celebrated President Biden’s energy policies. However, in the months since Hochstein predicted prices would stay low, the price of both oil and gasoline has surged, causing inflation broadly to tick up again.

** The U.S. Energy Department has talked to oil producers and refiners to ensure stable fuel supplies at a time of rising gasoline prices, , head of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said on Wednesday.

** Recording of an audio recording obtained by Fox News Digital reveals how Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm’s staff caused chaos at a Grovetown, Georgia, electric vehicle charging station.

** Of the $7.5 billion that was approved in 2021 for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Department of Transportation is taking $100 million out of it for charger repair. According to the agency, the money will be used to “repair and replace existing but non-operational, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.”

** New Hampshire’s electric utilities have come out in favor of continuing the state’s current system for compensating customers who share their surplus solar power on the grid.

** , the former US vice president turned climate crusader, says Big Oil and the banks backing it still have huge financial incentives to stick with fossil fuels, even though their decision to do so is the leading cause of the climate crisis.

** Three autonomous trucking companies with roots in California – Kodiak RoboticsAurora Innovations and Gatik.AI – all fled the Golden State looking for greener pastures in Texas when it came time to test their vehicles.

** U.S. natural gas production and demand will rise to record highs in 2023, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in its Short Term Energy Outlook (STEO) on Tuesday.



** Nigeria experienced a nationwide power outage Thursday after the country’s electrical grid collapsed due to technical failures, the West African nation’s electricity distribution companies reported.

** The diesel market is pricing in a crisis, one that could get soon get even worse because of a lack of the type of crude that’s good for making the fuel.

** A Chevron Corp. liquefied natural gas plant in Australia reported a production outage Thursday as workers escalated a strike action against facilities that provide more than 5% of global LNG supplies. The U.S. energy giant said in a statement that it was working to resume full production at its Wheatstone facility “following a fault which has impacted about 25% of LNG production.”

** BP CEO ‘s abrupt resignation has thrown the British oil major into a leadership crisis with no groomed front-runner to succeed him, company and industry sources said on Wednesday.

** China is back on the spot LNG market to seek cargoes for the coming winter, potentially upsetting a fragile balance in the global natural gas market just as Europe has reached its gas storage target well ahead of the November 1 deadline.