Cooler weather is welcome relief in Oklahoma

How about the soothing cooler weather that enveloped the entire state of Oklahoma Monday?
Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus, in his Monday Mesonet report suggested the day could have turned out to be the first one in 57 days where the temperature, somewhere in the state, did not reach 90 degrees.
He suggested there is a strong likelihood that northwest Oklahoma would not only struggle to get out of the 60s on Monday but could see highs in the 60s for the rest of the work week.
“There is no sign of another summer-like heat wave, but remember, even if we do see another prolonged spate of above normal temperatures, the high temperatures won’t be to the degree (pun intended) of our previous heat wave,” wrote McManus.
“We’ll be well into mid-to-late September with lower sun angles and daylight hours, and we’ll see replenished soil moisture from this week’s rain. So much rain that even the cows are loving it.”