Gas less than $3 a gallon? It’s the prediction from GasBuddy

gas pump


GasBuddy’s chief analyst predicts we will see lower gasoline prices this year as they slip below $3 a gallon.

It’s the national forecast of Patrick De Haan. GasBuddy already reports prices down to $2.77 a gallon in some Oklahoma City locations.

“I think the second half of the summer is going to be more affordable than the first half,” he saidIn an interview with CNBC on Tuesday.

But, there’s always a but, the Saudi Arabians and their oil production cuts might have something to say about his prediction.

As Business Insider reported, De Haan pointed out the average motorist is paying $20 less to fill up. Heading into Independence Day, the national average stood at $3.52 a gallon, per AAA. Oklahoma’s average this week was $3.19.

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