Rainfall helps east Oklahoma’s drought but it’s still hanging around


Oklahoma’s drought.

Remember it! State Climatologist Gary McManus says despite the storms and the rain, it’s still with us. Especially in north central Oklahoma and it’s gaining traction in the eastern part of the state.

Exceptional Drought Finally Dips Below One Percent In Oklahoma - Oklahoma  Farm Report

But there is one thing to celebrate.

Writing in Thursday’sOklahoma Mesonet newsletter, McManus said Cimarron County in the far western Panhandle “is drought free for the first time since August of 2021!”

Cimarron Coumty in Oklahoma is the only county in the US that borders counties from 5 different states. : r/MapPorn

The rains of the past couple of months are the main reason he said.

What else did McManus have to write about?

“Now we all remember last summer and how we were largely out of drought across most of the state at this time last year, and how the heat and drought EXPLODED over the next 6 months. There’s really no sign of that happening again, but again that was so extreme (one of the most extreme flash droughts that I’ve seen in my career) that it’s not worth worrying about at this time. Not saying it couldn’t happen, not saying it won’t happen, I’m saying it PROBABLY won’t happen. That’s how extremes work.”

Maybe he’s suggesting to keep your fingers crossed.