Former Mach Natural Resources executive rewarded for his work



Last month’s resignation of Daniel T. Reineke, Jr. as an executive at Mach Natural Resources LP netted him a tidy sum.

A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the firm showed Reineke, who was Executive Vice President of Business Development of Mach Natural Resources GP LLC, received a lump sum payment of $760,000. His resignation was effective April 19.

“In recognition of his contributions to the growth and success of the Partnership, on May 4, 2024, the General Partner and Mach Resources LLC entered into an agreement with Mr. Reineke (the “Reineke Agreement”) providing for (i) a lump sum payment to Mr. Reineke of $760,000, less applicable taxes and withholding, and (ii) accelerated vesting of all of Mr. Reineke’s 68,755 outstanding phantom units under the Mach Natural Resources LP 2023 Long-Term Incentive Plan (collectively, the “Benefits”),” stated the filing with the SEC.

The filing also stated that Reineke agreed to be bound by restrictive covenants concerning confidential information. If he violates the release made in the agreement, Reineke will be required to repay the net after-tax portion of the benefits.

At the time of Reineke’s departure, the company said his leaving was “amicable with no conflicts with the company or its staff.”