Biden’s veto of big truck rule couldn’t be stopped by Senate

House, Senate schedule some veto override votes | Maryland Daily Record


Oklahoma U.S. Sens. James Lankford and Markwayne Mullin were among those who attempted Wednesday to override President Biden’s veto of legislation that would have overturned his administration’s truck pollution rule.

Both voted in support of the override and the final vote was 50-50. West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin sided with Lankford and Mullin but the override required a two-thirds majority in both chambers to be overturned.

Sen. Lankford, in voting early last month against the President’s move said it was another example of how Biden’s policies are driving up prices.

“This is yet another regulation forced on the American people that will drive up prices even more. Americans welcome energy efficiency, when it is affordable and available, but (what) this regulation requires will increase the price of diesel trucks by almost $50,000, if they can even get the parts for the upgrade,” he explained.

He said at the time he was standing up for Oklahoma businesses and workers and against what he called “Biden’s progressive climate-change agenda.”

Sen. Mullin agreed and took the side of 24,000 Oklahomans who are heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers.

“This new rule will burden their livelihoods, increasing costs for the trucking industry and, in turn, increasing costs for consumers in communities who rely exclusively on trucking to deliver their freight. I stand with my colleagues in opposing this rule and pushing back against the heavy hand of the EPA,” he said.

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