House votes to overturn EPA heavy truck emissions rules

S.A. Big Trucks | San Angelo TX


The House on Tuesday passed a resolution rejecting what the Biden administration’s EPA proposed in a crackdown on emissions from big trucks.

All five of Oklahoma’s Representatives were among those who voted to dump the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to enforce tougher emissions restrictions on heavy-duty trucks sold after 2027. The House voted was 221-203.

Congressman Josh Brecheen called them “draconian” emissions standards and said the rule would increase the price of new trucks, put crippling regulatory costs on America’s truckers and in turn increase the cost of goods and services for consumers.

“The EPA’s ridiculous new emissions standards are another example of bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. thinking that they know more than America’s more than three million truckers,” said Rep. Brecheen.

“The regulatory state in this country has become all-too powerful and is slowly encroaching on every aspect of Americans’ lives—all the while subverting Congress and the will of the people. Out-of-control bureaucrats are making life harder for Americans who are just trying to make ends meet. Congress has a duty to stop it.”

The EPA estimates the new requirements could cost as high as an extra $8,304 per vehicle. The rule could impose as much as $55 billion in regulatory costs on the trucking industry between 2027 and 2045.

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