Rep. Mullin—The Consequences of Biden’s Failed Economic Agenda

Record high gas prices


U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin continued his assault on President Biden and his economic policies in his latest newsletter to his constituents, saying the nation cannot afford Biden’s policies.

Here’s how he put it to his followers:

Due to record high inflation, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates this week by .75%. This is the highest rate of increase in nearly 30 years. It is also the third time it has raised rates since March. This not only means higher prices for credit card bills, car loans, and mortgages, but also an increase in the national debt. The American people cannot afford President Biden’s economic policy.

If President Biden and House Democrats refuse to turn to our domestic producers to lower prices at the pump, then House Republicans will. This week, I filed a discharge petition for my bill, the Promoting Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure Act, to force House Democrats to consider this legislation that would have an immediate impact on bringing down the price of gas. My bill would establish transparent, reliable procedures for the construction and operation of energy facilities that cross the U.S. border between Canada or Mexico, ensuring the U.S. can more efficiently continue the trade of energy products such as oil, electricity, and natural gas. Click here to read more.

As our nation deals with crisis after crisis, we have career politicians in Washington who remain out-of-touch with the American people and the struggles they’re facing. For example, John Kerry said this week we “absolutely do not need” drilling. Really? I know a long list of people who can no longer afford gasoline that do.