Landowners ROFR bill signed into law in Oklahoma

The Landowner’s Bill of Rights of what some have labeled as a Right of First Refusal bill is now law in Oklahoma.

Gov. Kevin Stitt signed HB 3159 into law, thereby giving landowners the right of first refusal if the land is ever sold by the state or anyone who received the land through the use of eminent domain authority.

Rep. Eric Roberts, R-Oklahoma City, and Rep. Annie Menz, D-Norman, were the bill’s House authors.

“This bill is a big win for the people of East Norman,” Menz said. “I was proud to collaborate across the aisle to get this done for the people of Oklahoma. Government should be a place where everybody is included, and nobody gets left behind.”

Roberts extends his appreciation to the Legislature for its support, to Senator Todd Gollihare, R-Kellyville, for carrying the measure in the Senate, and to Menz, for her collaboration on the bill.

“If the state acquires land via eminent domain from a landowner and subsequently decides to sell it publicly, it’s only fair that the original landowner has the right to repurchase the land before it is offered to anyone else,” Roberts said. “Eminent domain shouldn’t be used to transfer land from one private party to another.”

Source: press release