Samson’s investment in Powder River Basin pays off

The investments in Wyoming’s Powder River basin are paying off for Tulsa’s Samson Resources II. The company announced production of two major wells in the Frontier formation of Converse County, Wyoming—both with production of more than 3,400 barrels a day.

The Bohlander Fed 3974-1720 2FH had initial production of 3,408 barrels of oil equivalent a day and an IP 30 of 2,248 boe/d of which 60 percent was oil.

The second well was the Allemand 21-2017 39-74FH and it had an initial production rate of 3,044 boe/d and an IP 30 of 2,127 boe/d of which 57 percent was oil.

Joseph A. Mills, President and CEO of the Company stated, “The Bohlander and Allemand Frontier formation well results further illustrate the target rich nature of Samson’s 154,000 net acres in the Powder River Basin.”

He said the down spacing opportunities within the Frontier formation are encouraging as these two wells were drilled and completed at 2,500 foot spacing with minimal interference between wellbores.

The company said that in the past year, it has turned to sales top performing Turner, Frontier, Shannon, Niobrara and Mowry formation wells, which illustrates the vast resource potential of the stacked pays over the Company’s acreage in the Powder River Basin.

Samson’s current net oil-weighted production from the Powder River Basin is approximately 8,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and anticipated to continue to grow over the next several months.”