4,900 barrels of oil a day from 6 Devon Energy wells in Kingfisher county

Devon Energy scored big in Kingfisher County, one of the three major counties comprising the STACK. The company reported two multi-well sites on a single pad this week out of the Mississippian formation with the largest well producing nearly 2,100 barrels of oil a day. But the six wells, sitting in adjacent sections had combined production of 4,912 barrels of oil a day.

The two Safari 7_6-15n-8w wells, located about 10 miles southwest of the city of Kingfisher at 7 15N 8W had combined production of 2,825 barrels of oil a day. Each well had a July 2018 spud date with completion made in November 2018.

The larger well had production of 2,093 barrels of oil a day along with 1,251 Mcf of natural gas. Its total depth was 19,545 feet. The second Safari well produced 732 barrels of oil a day and 1,642 Mcf of gas with a total depth of 19,452 feet.

Devon also reported four well production on a single pad at 1 15N 9W in Kingfisher county and the four wells had combined production of 2,087 barrels of oil a day.The Geis 1-15n-92 wells were drilled in the section just west of the Safari wells and had production of 593, 622, 446 and 426 barrels of oil a day.