Oklahoma Not One of Greenest States in US

A new report shows Oklahoma and the states surrounding it are some of the “least Green” states in the country.

The report by WalletHub ranked Oklahoma 44th lowest in the nation in an environmental study based on 23 key metrics such as LEED-certified buildings per capita, energy consumption and renewable resources.

Texas came in 43, Arkansas 41, Kansas 38, New Mexico 30, Missouri 27 and Colorado 21.

Number one belonged to Vermont while Oregon was 2, Massachusetts 3, New York 4 and South Dakota 5.

Number 9 was California.

Wyoming had the highest air quality while the worst was California.

Highest water quality was in Colorado while Oklahoma tied with Kentucky for the worst.

Oregon had the highest percentage of renewable energy consumption while Delaware ranked 50th.

Lowest gasoline consumption per capita was in New York while the highest was in North Dakota.

The highest percentage of recycled municipal solid waste was in Maine while Oklahoma tied for 47th.