Weekly Standard Targets Pruitt and Others Over Exorbitant Spending

The conservative publication, The Weekly Standard, proved this week it can go after conservatives—namely Scott Pruitt and others in the Trump Administration.

In an editorial targeting the EPA Administrator and others over their exorbitant spending of taxpayers’ dollars, the Standard stated, “The money isn’t the real problem. The behavior is—particularly from top officials working for a president who pledged repeatedly that he’d “drain the swamp.” The message to taxpayers is clear: We don’t care.”

The Standard singled out Pruitt, the former Oklahoma Attorney General for how he dared offer an excuse for his expensive travel tastes.

“Pruitt suggested he had to fly first class because the “toxic environment politically” and lack of “civility” meant flying coach presented security risks. Seriously.”

It also raised the matter of the $43,000 spent by Pruitt to create a sound-proof phone booth in his office so he could hold secure conversations.

At the same time, the Standard praised and chided the reporters who continue to dig into the expenses of those in the Donald Trump administration and those who revealed the misspending by Pruitt et al.

“And we’re encouraged by their sudden attention to federal government spending. That said, we would have appreciated their talents between the years 2009 and 2017. Maybe they just couldn’t find any spending excesses in an administration” that presided over a near doubling of the US national debt.”