Study Shows High Plains Aquifer Shrinking Faster Than Thought

An analysis by the Denver Post shows the High Plains Aquifer is drying up much faster than experts have thought.

The Aquifer stretches from South Dakota and Nebraska through eastern Colorado, Wyoming, Western Kansas, New Mexico, the Oklahoma Panhandle and the Texas Panhandle.

The newspaper analyzed federal information showing the Aquifer “shrank twice as fast over the past six years compared with the previous 60.”

It says some streams are drying up at the rate of 6 miles a year. It contends “agricultural overpumping from thousands of wells” is to blame.  But the study also found that even if farmers reduced their use of the wells taking water out of the aquifer, it would take centuries to refill.

As the Post pointed out, there is no agreement among the eight affected states to try and save the aquifer.