August 25, 2021 archive

Completion reports for August 24, 2021

CARTER COUNTY Kodiak Oil & Gas Inc 35 3S 2W Awu 27, June 20, 2021 SH, INJ, TD: 1100 ft Lat: 34.25308, Long: -97.38675 API: 35019263890000 ELLIS COUNTY Mewbourne Oil Company Cherokee Sand / Cherokee: Oil 404 Gas 520 Water 706 Flow 3 19N 25W Verna 10/15 Dm #1h, March 22, 2021 HH, OIL, TD: 19800 ft Lat: 36.14475, Long: -99.85992 API: 35045238360000 …

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Permits to drill for August 24, 2021

Hughes County LORRAINE #1-34/27H, August 12 2021 03 7N 11E SENESWNE API: 06324934 Lat: 35.11112804630082, Long: -96.12843754901213 TRINITY OPERATING USG LLC MU, AM, 15835 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(4250), WOODFORD(4550), SYLVAN(4630), HUNTON(4650) Hughes County WILSON #4, August 24 2021 14 4N 9E N2SWNENE API: 06324936 Lat: 34.82236499344701, Long: -96.32235818285109 TITAN RESOURCES LTD SH, DR, 5250 ft, CROMWELL(4894) Kay County MITCHELL …

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Completion reports for August 25, 2021

CANADIAN COUNTY Citizen Energy Iii Llc Mississippian: Oil 106 Gas 8146 Water 1275 Flow 15 12N 9W South Ranch 1h-22-27, June 12, 2021 HH, GAS, TD: 22687 ft Lat: 35.50865, Long: -98.14274 API: 35017256550000

Permits to drill for August 25, 2021

Cimarron County BLACK MESA #7-1, July 14 2021 07 5N 8E NWSESESW API: 02521083 Lat: 36.90832613832366, Long: -102.23669058139832 MARJO OPERATING MID-CONTINENT LLC SH, AM, 5100 ft, KANSAS CITY(3660), PURDY(4610) Texas County NE HARDESTY UNIT #6-7, August 25 2021 03 3N 18EC NENWSWNE API: 13924641 BREITBURN OPERATING LP SH, DR, 6560 ft, MORROW SAND UP(6300)

Crude oil storage holds steady at Cushing

  U.S. crude oil storage continues to fall according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration which indicated oil held at the Cushing hub was nearly the same over the past two weeks. In a Wednesday release, the US EIA stated that Cushing’s crude oil storage as of August 20 amounted to 33.7 million barrels, up …

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EIA—number of drilled but uncompleted wells declines

  The government said Wednesday the number of drilled but uncompleted wells reached 5,957 in July 2021, the fewest in any month since November 2017 while the number in the Anadarko Basin which includes Oklahoma is at its lowest level since 2018. The Energy Information Administration released its Drilling Productivity Report and stated the drop in DUCs …

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1% gain in crude oil prices on Wednesday

  Crude oil prices extended their gains on Wednesday for a third straight day after the U.S. government indicated fuel demand had reached its highest level since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Energy stocks in Oklahoma also managed some slight gains. Prices rose more than 1% as global benchmark Brent crude for October delivery …

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PSO says it performed well in winter storm despite 2,800 hours of downtime

  Documents on file with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission reveal an almost startling amount of power interruptions experienced by Public Service Company during the historic February winter storm that resulted in rolling blackouts and power losses for tens of thousands of customers. Many of the more than 2,800 hours of interruptions and temporary shutdowns of …

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Nebraska Governor targets “climate extremists”

  The governor of Nebraska goes after “climate extremists” and lumps President Biden and VP Harris among them, accusing them of undermining national security by reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Gov. Peter Ricketts, writing in the Omaha Star-Herald also criticized the President and Vice President for their radical climate agenda, saying it is making the …

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Texas school makes effort to conserve energy

  Tarleton State University located in Stephenville, Texas with an enrollment of more than 11,000 students has partnered with Ameresco, Inc. for an energy savings performance contract to develop and energy and water conservation project. Planned improvements at Tarleton State University include light-emitting diode (LED) lighting retrofits and replacements, water fixture improvements, controls and instrumentation …

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