July 13, 2020 archive

Court orders oil-producing part of Colorado to be included in air pollution regs

  A federal appeals court in the District of Columbia has ruled against the exclusion of an oil-producing part of northern Colorado from limits on air pollution. The Greeley Tribune reported the ruling applies to the northern part of Weld County, a heavy-oil producing part of the state that sits next to Wyoming. The federal …

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Dakota Access pipeline won’t be shut down immediately

  Even if the operator of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota complies with a federal judge to shut down the pipeline, the company contends it will take three months to empty the crude oil line. The timeline of 86 to 101 days comes as part of the argument Energy Transfer made to a …

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Public energy report heavily redacted in Kansas

Why would the Kansas legislature redact significant portions of a recent report created as a guide for future energy policy decisions? It’s what some Kansans, including those focused on the environment, want to know. A report commissioned by the Kansas Legislature to help guide future energy policy decisions leaves the public in the dark on …

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Utility shows users how to cook with natural gas

  In an effort to increase use of natural gas, Oklahoma Natural Gas has started an online project showing customers how to cook with natural gas. The Oklahoman recently reported on the ONG effort, explaining the company began coordinating cook efforts with chefs. Click here to view the story.  

Natural gas pipeline developers face more challenges because of court rulings

  Tulsa’s Williams Cos. might have more environmental challenges to deal with as the pipeline company attempts to supply more natural gas to the northeast U.S. Recent court rulings have given a morale boost to environmentalists who have fought some of the firm’s pipelines as well as those constructed by other energy firms. A recent …

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New Mexico Spaceport America director put on leave

  Someone in New Mexico’s state government knows the answer but isn’t saying why Spaceport America CEO Dan Hicks was put on administrative leave three weeks ago. The Santa Fe New Mexican reported an investigation is underway but Hicks knows little about the probe and is under state orders not to discuss it publicly. “I’m …

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Oil sanctions are tightened against Venezuela

While the U.S. oil and gas industry staggers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of Venezuela in the country to the south face gasoline shortages as the U.S. tightens economic sanctions against their dictatorship. Reuters reports that more companies are abandoning any business ties to the South American country. Several companies that …

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Sioux consider their court victory over a pipeline

‘That’s what we’re fighting here; big money and bad politics’ – Doug Crow Ghost, from the Standing Rock Sioux – James Breeden for the Telegraph The recent court victory by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota against the Dakota Access pipeline is being hailed as significant by not only the tribe but observers …

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