August 20, 2019 archive

Completion reports for August 20, 2019

Completion reports filed on August 20, 2019. BLAINE COUNTY Cimarex Energy Co Mississippian / Mississippi Solid: Oil 1143 Gas 7691 Water 1670 Flow 35 15N 12W Vessels 2h-3526x, January 17, 2019 HH, OIL, TD: 22135 ft Lat: 35.72605, Long: -98.45388 API: 35011240950000 CANADIAN COUNTY Camino Natural Resources Llc Mississippian(10051): Oil 696 Gas 6750 Water 1793 Flow 19 12N 7W Vinita 1207 19-18-1mxh, October 05, 2018 HH, …

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Permits to drill for August 20, 2019

Permits to drill filed on August 20, 2019. Beaver County MEIER #1, August 20 2019 25 1N 24E CNWNE API: 00722083 Lat: 36.52754877262495, Long: -100.42131320593363 STRAT LAND EXPLORATION COMPANY SH, RC, 9200 ft, HEEBNER(5594), LANSING-KANSAS CITY(6250), MORROW SAND(7943), MISS’AN (CHESTER)(8486) Dewey County TITUS #24-25-1XH, August 20 2019 26 18N 14W SWNESENE API: 04323711 Lat: 36.00958022325205, Long: -98.65536295957291 …

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Colorado mulls creation of fund from oil and gas revenue

The Denver Post, in a 3-part series of Colorado’s oil and gas industry asks the question whether it is too late to capture billions of dollars in revenue for a permanent fund. Click here to read part two.

Studies focus on water supplies in Oklahoma

  The Oklahoma Water Resources Board had completed recent studies of Oklahoma’s water supplies. One was part of an effort to better understand the impact of droughts. Here is the attached release from the OWRB: Oklahoma’s unpredictable climate makes water management in the state a challenging trade. This year’s excessive rainfall has misled many to …

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Oil and gas funds new STEM centers in OKC schools

The people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas continue to invest in the state’s future by funding nearly half of the 33 new Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation STEM Centers in Oklahoma City elementary schools. These facilities will provide students with hands-on experiences and learning that will assist them in developing their problem-solving skills through science, …

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KC street car program suffers slight delay

While Oklahoma City’s new street car system is up and running, the operation in Kansas City experienced a bump in the road over the delay of another of its cars. The arrival of vehicle No. 806, the second of two new streetcars that will complete the six-car fleet on the 2.2 mile downtown line won’t …

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Construction of controversial forest trail is underway

Construction of a controversial forest trail on the west side of the Crazy Mountains in Montana is expected to be underway this week after a federal judge declined to halt the work. The Billings Gazzette reports that five conservation groups had banded together to seek a temporary injunction to halt building of the Porcupine Ibex Trail, …

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Report says shale bond buyers are getting picky

Bloomberg News reports shale bond buyers are getting far more selective than they used to be and it’s because some of the oil and gas exploration companies are defaulting. Energy companies are spending more cash than they make.    “High-yield energy companies have sold about half as much corporate debt this year as they had …

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Study claims conventional oil drilling affects groundwater more than fracking

Based on information provided in part from Oklahoma, two  scientists concluded conventional oil and gas production methods can affect groundwater much more than fracking. The study was by hydrogeologists Jennifer McIntosh from the University of Arizona and Grant Ferguson from the University of Saskatchewan. The researchers found information for the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, the …

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Toy maker Hasbro to phase out plastic wrapping in its products

Toy maker Hasbro announced that, beginning in 2020, it plans to begin phasing out plastic from new product packaging, including plastic elements like polybags, elastic bands, shrink wrap, window sheets and blister packs. The company’s ambition is to eliminate virtually all plastic in packaging for new products by the end of 2022. “Removing plastic from …

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