Mullin delivers remembrance of Inhofe on Senate floor

“He blazed a trail I can build a highway on. And I have full intentions of doing that.”


Oklahoma U.S. Sen. Markwayne Mullin delivered his first-ever speech on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday and did so remembering the late Sen. Jim Inhofe.

“This is my first time to speak, and it comes at an occasion that is the right time to speak. A gentleman that I took great pride in knowing, who I refer to quite often a grandfather, Senator Jim Inhofe. He passed away unfortunately this morning,” said Mullin in addressing his fellow Senators.

It was Mullin who succeeded Inhofe when he retired a few years ago.

“How do you describe Jim Inhofe? How do you describe his family, how do you describe Miss Kay who the first time I ever met her made me feel as comfortable as I was her own child?”

Other parts of his speech included the following comments.

“Senator Inhofe would often take me by the hand, *literally* and say, “listen to me son.” Over time, he became quite a mentor of mine. I get asked all the time, “how do you plan on filling the shoes of Senator Inhofe?” and I say, “How do you fill the shoes of a gentleman whose middle name was Mountain?” How fitting was that? A Senator whose name was James Mountain Inhofe. He was a mountain of a man. He blazed his own trail. He was full of grit and tenacity. You always knew where he stood. I never doubted what his thoughts were.”

“It saddens me deeply to know that today on this Earth there is less one gentleman that I think we all learned from. Everybody in this chamber that knew James, or Senator Inhofe, knew the guy as a friend. You knew he was someone you could trust.”

“He allowed me to change my focus, from my understanding that all the outside distractions that can take place…that can all easily go away if you stay focused on what you were elected to do which is serve the great state of Oklahoma. Just focus on constituent service. Just focus on building things for the state…All he did everyday was work hard for Oklahoma, and I am grateful to get to know him.”

“If you knew Jim, or Senator Inhofe, he was always going home. Miss Kay was his priority…his kids loved him, his wife loved him, his grandkids loved him.”

Sen. Mullin’s full remarks can be found here.