Lucas unveils measure to ‘reauthorize’ NASA


Led by Oklahoma Rep. Frank Lucas, a U.S.House Committee this week released legislation to reauthorize NASA—a move see as reaffirmation of the nation’s commitment to leading global space and science endeavors.

The action by the House Science, Space and Technology Committee is seen as a step in making sure NASA maintains its position as the world’s premier space agency.

“As we witness an increase in global space competition, it is crucial that NASA remains at the forefront, and the NASA reauthorization bill achieves just that,” Chairman Lucas said.

He explained the reauthorization bill includes a prioritry of U.S. missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

” Many thanks to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and the hardworking staff for their efforts in maintaining our nation’s powerful space program. The result is a thorough product that maintains program sustainability and fiscal responsibility, setting up the agency for long-term success. I am eager to advance this critical legislation through our committee markup this week and continue our efforts on the House floor.”

Highlights of the NASA Reauthorization Act of 2024:

  • Continues to provide overarching support and direction for human space exploration, including both the Artemis and Moon to Mars Programs.
  • Directs the maximum possible utilization and productivity of the International Space Station while transitioning to a future supported by commercial services.
  • Promotes space technology development, ensuring we are equipped with the appropriate tools and infrastructure as our lunar presence grows.
  • Supports transformative aeronautics research and development by advancing the next generation of aviation technology.
  • Fosters scientific discovery and expands our collective knowledge, encouraging NASA to maintain a balanced scientific portfolio with a steady cadence of missions.

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