Chevron headlines tell the whole story—in a slanted sort of way


When the U.S. Supreme Court recently announced its decision overturning the so-called Chevron decision and took away some regulatory powers from federal agencies and put it in the hands of courts for decision-making purposes—it was sort of a “STOP THE PRESSES!” moment for some news agencies.

The way the headlines blared, it was the end of the Republic as we know it. For others, it was a return to fairness and justice.

If you disagree, consider the headlines of the various news entities and how they give a strong clue as to what the story’s slant will be…..without reading their stories. If you understand the Chevron ruling, you can judge for yourself whether you believe it gutted big government or was a godsend to those who contend government is too big.

In Oklahoma, as OK ENergy Today reported last week, the Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma was among those welcoming the decision. So was U.S. Sen. James Lankford.

Brook Simmons at the Alliance declared “the American people won a huge victory against a massive, unaccountable federal bureaucracy that has for decades stifled U.S. innovation, destroyed jobs, and made every product and service more expensive.”


Supreme Court overturns Chevron decision, weakening regulations on environment




Supreme Court strikes down Chevron, curtailing power of federal agencies



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Supreme Court overturns 1984 Chevron precedent, curbing power of federal government



Supreme Court just made it harder for federal agencies to regulate in sweeping ruling


Associated Press

The Supreme Court weakens federal regulators, overturning decades-old Chevron decision



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Supreme Court takes sledgehammer to federal agency power in Chevron case


The justices just shackled Biden and every future president — and created new messes for Congress to solve


Fierce Healthcare

Supreme Court overrules Chevron deference, dealing blow to federal healthcare agencies



Chevron doctrine overturned: Republicans, big business praise Supreme Court decision


New York Post

Supreme Court smashes power of the administrative state in historic Chevron case


Fox News

Supreme Court sides with fishermen in landmark case deciding fate of the administrative state



Supreme Court Overturns Chevron Rule in Blow to Agency Power



Supreme Court guts agency power in seismic Chevron ruling



Supreme Court weakens federal regulators, overturning decades-old Chevron decision in victory for business interests


USA Today

Mother doesn’t always know best: Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch overturns his mom’s victory


New York Times

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(Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services,)



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The litigation floodgates are expected to open. How the Supreme Court’s Chevron deference ruling expands judges’ roles.

As You Sow

Federal Agencies Marginalized by Supreme Court

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Supreme Court rulings endanger environmental protections