House committee to review bill targeting wind farm lights at night


Other states have already implemented required aircraft safety light programs for wind farm operations. Oklahoma might soon be joining the movement.

Oklahoma is considering the same move in SB1913 which applies to what is called light-mitigating technology. It is simply aircraft detection systems which allow wind farm lights to be turned off unless the system detects a nearby aircraft. At that time, the lights are turned on to avoid an aircraft collision with the wind turbines.

A windfarm northeast of Wichita, Kansas became the first operation in that state last fall to incorporate the system, prompting Gov. Laura Kelly said it would “help preserve our night skies.”

As explained in a report by electrek, an Aircraft Detection Lighting System uses radar to scan for aircraft.

“When ADLS is installed on a wind farm, the nighttime lights on the turbines blink only when aircraft are detected, thus reducing light pollution for residents who live close enough to be able to see them.”

The FAA requires that the ADLS, according to electrek, activate and flash if an aircraft is at or below 1,000 feet above the tallest wind turbine and is approaching a three-nautical mile (3.45-mile) perimeter around the wind farm.

SB1913 won approval in the State Senate on a 31-13 vote and was referred to the State House where it will be handled on Wednesday by the House Energy and Natural Resources. The bill was authored by Kingfisher Sen. Darcy Jech and Rep. Carl Newton of Cherokee.

When:  Wednesday, April 10, 2024 03:00 PM
Where:  Room 206
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2. SB1913 – Wind energy facilities; establishing requirements relating to light mitigating technology system application and installation; establishing cost recovery mechanisms. Effective date. – Newton, Jech*
3. SB1568 – [Corporation Commission; modifying authority over certain injection wells; establishing process for Class VI facility applications and unitization. Effective date.] – Boles, Rader*
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