Grassley—new EPA EV requirements will harm biofuel industry

Sen. Chuck Grassley


A stark warning is issued by Iowa U.S. Sen. Chuk Grassley who claims the EPA’s new rules requiring the sale of more electric vehicles across the nation,will possibly put 58,000 ethanol industry jobs at risk.

The new rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency require nearly two-thirds of vehicles sold in the U.S in eight years to be EVs. KMA  Radio in Iowa reported that Grassley told his weekly public affairs program that shifting to an EV industry would pose a risk to Iowa’s ethanol and biofuel industry.

“In biofuels, 58,000 jobs would be at stake if we went entirely to electric transportation and I don’t think it’s realistic that it’s going to happen when they want it to happen,” said Grassley. “But, the push for it is putting strains on our electric grid and it’s going to increase over time. We’re not going to be able to meet the deadlines that they’re asking for.”

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