Colorado legislators to consider bill to force summer “pause” in oil and gas drilling


Not only do Democratic lawmakers and environmentalists in Colorado want to do something about fighting ozone issues in the state, they propose doing it by “pausing” oil and gas drilling in the summer months.

It’s among the bills the legislators filed for their 2024 legislative session.

“This is the time,” said one state Representative during a Capitol press conference this week. “Colorado is demanding that breathing not be dangerous.”

No one’s commented whether they would also want to suspend driving in the state’s big cities during the summer months, since smog contributes greately to ozone problems.

The Colorado Sun reported it’s not the only bill attacking the oil and gas industry in the state. There’s also a bill to ban on all new oil drilling after 2030.

The oil and gas industry says it’s ready to fight the measures, claiming environmental advocates want to end all oil and gas activity in the state.

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