Seven more companies join research efforts at Halliburton Labs

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Halliburton Labs, an effort of parent company Halliburton to advance the future of energy, announced seven more companies have joined the collaborative environmental effort.

Located in Houston, the lab welcomed the participation of Airovation Technologies, Ayrton Energy, Cache Energy, CENS, Disa Technologies, Marel Power Solutions and XtraLit.

This is part of Halliburton Labs’ ambition to advance energy and climate innovation and help early-stage companies by contributing expertise, connections, facilities, and more to help achieve strategic scaling milestones.

“Our experienced practitioners and network will help these companies use their time and capital efficiently,” said Managing Director Dale Winger.

  • Airovation Technologies is advancing carbon capture and utilization solutions to help hard-to-abate industries achieve emissions reduction targets through its proprietary carbon mineralization technology. By transforming point-source carbon dioxide emissions into circular chemicals and building materials, Airovation is developing a scalable pathway for industrial emitters to decarbonize with multiple revenue streams.
  • Ayrton Energy is developing liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) storage technology to enable the large-scale, efficient transportation of hydrogen over extended distances without hydrogen loss and pipeline corrosion. Unlike conventional methods, this storage technology provides a high-density hydrogen storage medium without the need for cryogenics or high-pressure systems. This improves the safety and efficiency of hydrogen storage while enabling the use of existing fuel infrastructure for transportation, including tanks, transport trucks, and pipelines.
  • Cache Energy is developing a new long duration energy storage solution, which scales to inter-seasonal durations, through a low-cost solid fuel. Once charged, the storage material stores energy at room temperature, with near zero loss in time and can be safely stored and transported anywhere energy is needed.
  • CENS develops enhanced dry dispersion technology based on dry-treated carbon nanotubes that enable high energy density, high power, and outstanding cycle performance in Li-ion batteries. The technology is differentiated because it can be applied to any type of Li-ion battery and its implementation can be seamlessly integrated into the production line.
  • Disa Technologies provides solutions to the mining and remediation industries. Disa utilizes patented minerals liberation technology to more efficiently isolate target minerals and mitigate environmental impacts to its users. Disa platforms treat a wide array of critical minerals that are essential to the economy and our way of life.
  • Marel Power Solutions, a company led by seasoned leaders in the automotive, semiconductor, and materials industries, is innovating electrification through its novel power-stack technology. These materials-efficient, quickly deployable, and scalable power-stacks, encapsulating advanced cooling technology, redefine power conversion in mobility, industrial,and renewables spaces.
  • XtraLit is an Israeli company that develops a technology for direct lithium extraction from brines. The technology enables efficient and economically justified processing of brines even with relatively low lithium concentrations. Application of the extraction technology will allow mineral providers to unlock new significant sources of lithium that are critical to meet growing demand.

The next Halliburton Labs Finalists Pitch Day is Thursday, March 14 in New Orleans in coordination with New Orleans Entrepreneur Week and 3rd Coast Venture Summit. Applications are open until Friday, February 9. The event will include pitches from innovative, early-stage energy tech companies.