National survey finds Oklahoma interstates are not among the worst


Maybe Oklahoma is doing something right when it comes to the conditions of interstates and major highways.

After having a reputation for many years for having the worst roads and bridges, Oklahoma, believe it or not, is NOT on a list of America’s Most Loathed Highways based on a survey of 3,000 drivers by Volvo.

California US 101 is ranked number one and Interstate 70 in Kansas and Colorado gets high rankings as well.

I-70 in Colorado made it to number 5 while the same interstate in Kansas came in at 98th worst, especially the area around Kansas City. I-35 around Kansas City also made the list, coming in at 37th most hated.

Here’s how Interstate 70 in Colorado was described: “Colorado’s I-70 isn’t your average interstate; it’s a pivotal conduit that slices through the state’s iconic Rocky Mountains, presenting a unique set of challenges for drivers. Its reputation transcends mere traffic jams; the mountain corridor, especially between Denver and popular ski destinations, becomes a bottleneck of adventure-seekers during ski season, transforming the highway into a slow-moving procession of brake lights that can extend for miles.”

I-25 around Denver made the list at number 39.

Interstate 40 in Arkansas also drew criticism and was ranked 18th most loathed around West Memphis. The state’s I-30 around Little Rock also came in 30th worst.