High-tech farming just made another advancement


Oklahoma City’s Deep Sand Technology, a company created by farmers with GPS Guidance in mind, announced it joined forces with a satellite data mining company, GEODNET Foundation, to create precision agriculture services to rural parts of the country.

The two will focus on what is known as Real-Time Kinematic services, in other words, using satellites for precision farming. Deep Sand Technology was created to provide such services as Autosteering and GPS Guidance.

Over the last two years, Deep Sand Technology (DST) has become the go-to source for affordable Autosteering and GPS Guidance for new and older equipment. With this week’s announcement, the firm will offer the immediate availability of a GEODNET-compatible RTK base-station, supporting centimeter-accurate operations without the need to install a UHF radio link.

Customers selecting the new GEODNET RTK base-station may reduce the total cost to retrofit a tractor by up to $2500, making it the most affordable RTK tractor steering system on the market!


The GEODNET RTK network comprises more than 3600 stations globally, covering over 1800 cities in 100+ countries today. The partnership between DST and GEODNET will rapidly extend affordable high-accuracy RTK-based GPS access into key US agricultural and rural areas, facilitating not only precision agriculture but also advanced cruise control systems in passenger cars, automated highway trucking operations, and eco-friendly electric robotic lawnmowers.

“For quite some time now, DST has been searching for an affordable and easy option to provide farmers with RTK accuracy, eliminating steering overlap and opening the door to other farming practices they couldn’t do before! It was an easy decision to partner with the GEODNET Foundation because GEODNET’s affordable RTK is both easy to use and works on all major brands,” said Joey Koebelen, CEO of Deep Sand Technology.

“With farm operations facing limited labor resources and rising input costs, emerging technologies, such as those provided by GEODNET and Deep Sand Technology, are key to keeping healthy, affordable food on the table,” said Mike Horton, Creator of the GEODNET Foundation.

Source: Business Wire