Brecheen’s small business ceiling fan manufacturer Protection Act

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Oklahoma congressman Josh Brecheen is critical of yet another energy rule from the Biden administration that he contends would harm some manufacturers of ceiling fans.

That’s why he introduced the Small Business Ceiling Fan Manufacturer Protection Act, which would combat what the congressman feels is a damaging proposed rule from the Department of Energy (DOE) and could place certain ceiling fan manufacturers out of business.

“Biden’s Department of Energy should be focused on ensuring American energy independence, instead of pursuing a radical, green agenda that will crush small businesses,” said the congressman

. “This bill is needed to ensure that DoE cannot act any further on this proposed rule.”

His Act follows a June 2023 Department of Energy announcement of a proposed rule that would amend energy conservation standards for ceiling fans.

Specifically, this proposed rule would decrease the maximum energy consumption permissible for large diameter and belt-driven ceiling fans, thus raising costs by as much as $4.8 million on small businesses. This increase in costs will inevitably be passed on to American families, according to Rep. Brecheen.

It would require ceiling fan manufacturers to completely redesign their products to remain in compliance with this regulation. DOE predicts that for some small businesses, compliance with this rule would cost more than its yearly revenues.

Source: press release