Recycling at Christmas in Oklahoma City

City of Wilmington, NC on X: "It's a GREEN recycling week. Put out as much  recycling as you want! If you're a city customer we'll always pick it all  up. Plus, we'll


Oklahoma City’s Utilities Department sent out a Christmas notice to city customers about residential curbside recycling.

It wants to remind customers about what’s “Naughty” and “Nice” when it comes to recycling—especially if it involves a lot of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes that carried gifts.

You can recycle these “Nice” List items:

  • Mail, magazines, newspaper, office paper, phone books, catalogs and coupons (all unshredded)
  • Cardboard shipping boxes, cereal and food boxes and wrapping paper tubes (all flattened)
  • Plastic household bottles, jugs and containers (all empty, clean and dry)
  • Milk and juice cartons (all empty, clean and dry)
  • Glass bottles and jars (all empty, clean and dry)
  • Aluminum beverage cans and metal food cans (all empty, clean and dry)

These “Naughty” List items belong in your Big Blue trash cart:

  • Plastic bags and wrap, including bubble wrap and shipping air pockets
  • Shipping peanuts and packing foam
  • Glossy/glittery: greeting cards, wrapping paper and gift bags and boxes
  • Metallic and holographic foil wrapping paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Holiday lights and power cords
  • Toys, electronics, plastic sleds and ornaments
  • Ribbons, bows, garland and tinsel
  • Plastic cutlery, paper plates, cups and napkins
  • Holiday trees, greenery and wreaths (Note: Trees are accepted at the curb during regular monthly bulky pickup.)

As always, customers should follow these three simple guidelines:

  1. Place all recyclables loose in your Big Green recycling cart. Never bag them.
  2. Make sure all recyclables are empty, clean and dry.
  3. Do not recycle items that contain food or liquids.

To learn more about recycling right in Oklahoma City, go to

Source: OKC press release