Poll shows opposition to solar and wind farms in a Kansas county


A survey of some of the residents of one Kansas county shows they are split on their support for renewable energy with the edge going to those who oppose wind and solar farms.

The Shawnee County Planning Department carried out the survey of nearly 900 residents around the state capitol in Topeka and found they are divided whether to support wind farms or solar farms.

KSNT TV reported the residents were asked to give their thoughts on prospects of farms for each kind of renewable form of energy. Only about a third responded by sahing they felt renewable energy was extremely important.

Here are the results as reported by KSNT.

  • Solar Farms
    • 34.5% – strongly agree
    • 36.3% – strongly disagree
  • Wind Farms
    • 30.67% – strongly agree
    • 45.84% – strongly disagree