Drummond flexed his constitutional power in representing State Treasurer


When Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond removed the state treasurer’s defense team from a lawsuit filed over the constitutionality of Oklahoma’s energy discrimination elimination act, he wasted no time in taking control of the case.

Oklahoma County Court records show Drummond filed on May 9 to intercede in the case where District Judge Sheila Stinson suspended the Oklahoma Energy Discrimination Elimination Act. Her ruling came in a lawsuit filed by state retiree Don Keenan who challenged the constitutionality of the act that was adopted by the 2022 legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt.

The judge’s ruling prompted Drummond to take over the case in representing State Treasurer Todd Russ who had previously hired his own legal counsel.

“As Oklahoma Attorney General, I have the authority to take and assume control of the prosecution of the State’s interest in this case,” explained Drummond in filing an Entry of Appearance.

He pointed to specific state law giving him the power to enter the case.

“Consistent with this power, I hereby take and assume control of the defense of the State’s interest in this litigation.”

The next day, Drummond revealed the removal of the Plaxico Law firm and attorneys Cheryl PLlaxico and Austin Moseley as attorneys hand-picked by Treasurer Russ. He also issued a statement.

““It is extremely disappointing that the counsel hired by Treasurer Russ was unable to secure a favorable ruling in defense of Oklahoma’s anti-ESG law,” Drummond said. “Because of this failure, the law is now on hold and at risk of being struck down entirely. Oklahomans deserve better.”

His filing was the most recent in the case (CV-2023-3021).